Thousands of generations ago a monarchy existed on the islands of Libersia. Like sentries guarding its kingship, three smaller islands surrounded the main island that was called the Main Island. A slew of smaller ones peppered the surrounding sea. Most of the Hartons lived on the four islands.

The King was of the family Faithprowl. They prided themselves on their warrior prominence, unifying the islands after a disastrous war that lasted and killed dozens of generations. Their prestige continued into the monarchy, keeping the peace from many rebellions.

Falcon, the first Warlord of what was to be the province of Puer, had sent ships into Shimasanee Ocean to search for isles. His battles with the infamous Waya, family of Woodcrusher, took massive tolls on his Harton army. Those ships found Libersia, a peaceful and spiritual people. Libersians weren’t certain of their own origins, whether they had come from the main continent or not. And they didn’t know what a province was let alone who Warlord Falcon was.

Falcon and the King of Libersia had a historic meeting. Falcon convinced the King that a ruthless barbarian by the name of Waya was on his way to conquer the islands of Libersia. Falcon said he wanted to warn the King before Waya made his way to the islands. Waya was twice the size of the largest Harton, had a wingspan of a small eagle, and devoured only wolves. Libersians are a massive and strong people, so to think someone was twice as big with such a large wingspan scared the King.

But Harton warriors of the islands used primitive wooden weapons fashioned with teeth from various animals. They would be no match for the voracious barbarians that wielded iron weapons. Falcon agreed to share the wonderful technology of iron if the King would sign a treaty to join the fight against the barbarian. Needless to say, the King of a proud people declined. Falcon then offered the King to form a province that would ally with Falcon in the fight to rid of the barbarian. Fearing for this supposed threat, the King agreed. And the province of Libersia, the second in the seven, was born.

Reliq is a direct descendent of the King who made Libersia into a province. Even though history has revealed Falcon’s deceit, the Eldens have made little effort in reverting back to their monarchy. Why would they? They’d lose control over their districts. As provinces, they are independent of each other, but do work with each other to trade goods, seer ices and knowledge.

In the morning of his life, Reliq relished stories of the ancient monarchy and the King who turned Libersia to a province. Reliq found himself flying to one of the remote islands, pretending he was King, protecting the Hartons of the island. It was a rude awakening when his father forced him to serve in the Legion. Apparently, he didn’t want Reliq to be a daydreamer and become an artist, a foul and awful existence for a Harton with such a warrior bloodline that reached back to the last King.

Despite Reliq’s massive body and strength, he wasn’t the best soldier. Unlike others, he didn’t rise from the initial rank of warrior until he met Warlord Hinun, a legendary commander who invented his favorite weapon, talons. Hinun took him under his wing, taught him everything about warfare, dueling, and gave him a set of talons fit for a Libersian. Reliq rose through the ranks so fast that Hinun made him a disciple, and he became part of the distinguished Seven.

He won’t admit it to anyone, but Warlord Reliq still finds himself daydreaming of his days as the King of his small island. Not a ruthless one, but one who leads with heart and kindness. But duty is first. Loyalty to those who helped him rise comes before anything he wants in life. With the death of Hinun, Reliq’s loyalty falls to Logan, Hinun’s first and most ruthless disciple.