Warlord Logan
Warlord Logan

The family of Chaoticdreamer is a distinguished warrior family for two reasons. When Hartons go into battle, one of the main problems is avenues of attack. Aside from the normal front/back and left/right worry, enemy warriors can fly up from below, or dive from above (or falling dead bodies). So the family of Chaoticdreamer proposed Chaotic Law: Even for the most skilled warrior, odds of survival lessen the more opponents he combats. And the odds of death was more pronounced in the air given the vulnerability from all six sides.

Chaotic Law had been taught to warriors since the day of the first province. So the family name Chaoticdreamer was given. To help further their fame, renowned warriors of the Chaoticdreamers created a fighting art, Switch Foot, as a solution to Chaotic Law. An opponent would bring the fight near or to the ground, and the combatant would use a combination of wings, arms and legs to fight, making it hard for opponents to anticipate what’s coming. A Harton could swipe their claws to distract, then quickly plant wingtips on the ground and throw his taloned feet up to kick or gouge.

But Switch Foot was flawed. All Hartons fly and from the morning of their lives are taught to fight during flight.

Warlord Logan, family of Chaoticdreamer, is a native of the province of Puer, the second most powerful province behind Destiny. He took the helm when his famed teacher, Hinun, was murdered. Logan’s closest friend, Talon's father, was convicted of the murder, unseated from warlordship, and banished from his home, the province of Destiny. Logan worked hard to convince the Destinian Eldens to allow Talon to become Warlord, at least temporarily, and quell the conflict within the Destinian Legion; high ranking warriors fought and killed for Destiny's commanding position. In turn Logan had taken the responsibility of being Talon’s teacher and mentor.

Logan is a master of Switch Foot. No one can best him at Switch Foot tournaments. No one dares. He was a disciple of the famed Warlord Hinun, becoming one of the few to be called a Seven. He was also the most ruthless. During the Tribal Wars, he often attacked villages with little strategic value. Women and children did not escape his terrorism, all in the name of gathering information. Everyone knew he was malicious.

People still fear Logan’s shadow when he flies over. He revels in it. He detests that the province of Puer is only the second most powerful. His dream is to make Puer the most powerful and feared province and conquer the other six unified under him. The Eldens of Puer and laws severely limit his ability to do so.

What does a ruthless Warlord, a Seven, a disciple of the great Warlord Hinun, do if he wants to take over the world of Miasma?