Warlord Kando was born in the province of Altrucia. It’s primarily a farming province where food is traded for ceramics, smoking herbs, medicines, silks, and other products Hartons in Altrucia need or want. The whole province participates in the work of the vast farmlands. Kando’s family is primarily a farming family. None of them ever served in the military, the Legion.

Dueling had always been an important aspect of life. Threat from the Nomad Nations was real and constant, and everyone had to know how to fight. One day, Kando had flown into a training drill where a male Harton and a smaller female Harton soldier were dueling. Kando watched and whispered to himself.

The Warlord of Altrucia, who was conducting the training session, hovered over to Kando and asked what he was mumbling about. Kando thought of a tactic the female soldier could use but didn’t want to interrupt. The commander said it was too late for that and told Kando to instruct the female. He did. In the air, the duel started again, and the female Harton dove under her opponent's feet, dropping zenith advantage, and swooped up behind the male Harton. He thought he had gained zenith advantage, turned toward her and raised his broadsword. Before he realized what happened, the sharp end of the sword stopped just short of slitting his throat.

The Warlord was surprised to see Kando’s tactic work. So he introduced Kando to Warlord Hinun. Hinun asked Kando if he’d like to join the Legion, and Kando politely turned him down. His duties lay in agriculture, and his father wouldn’t approve. Hinun was a renowned tactician, creator of the gloved weapon, talons, and no one ever refused his request. So he flew to Kando’s village, met with Kando’s father who was the Chief of their village, and simply stated Kando shall serve the Legion. The Chief was surprised. He didn’t know his son, who was to take his place as Chief, had an innate talent for warfare.

“Being able to see what others are doing wrong is easy. Being able to teach them is difficult,” Hinun said. “Your son Kando will serve your village well as Chief when you’re gone. But he can serve the Legion of Altrucia now and better the province as a whole.”

Hinun was Warlord of the province of Puer and had little authority in any other province, but having a Warlord of that stature visit your home was a huge honor. The Chief took pains to think about his son’s future, but couldn’t come to a decision. Finally, the Chief asked Kando what he wanted. Kando was scared to leave. All he knew was farming. Dueling always fascinated him, but he had no forethought of ever serving the Legion. As a child, he fantasized what it would be like to be a great Warlord, but that was an impossible dream. And he knew this wouldn’t lead him to warlordship, but it would give him the opportunity to work with a great one.

Kando joined the Altrucian Legion, trained hard, and still found the effort to complete his farm work. He had begun to make the short flight north to train with the Puerian Legion, per Hinun’s request, and eventually leave his farm responsibilities. Guilt plagued his soul when he couldn’t attend his father’s remembrance, and more so when he found out his father had passed chieftainship to his brother. Life in the farmlands was over. Kando had no choice but to continue his service to the Legion. Did he make the right decision?