Talon and Raven
Talon and Raven

Warlord Talon

Warlord Talon, family of Warfire, was born in the province of Puer. The Warfire family represents a long history of prominent Warlords and Harton warriors. When Talon was still in the morning of his life, his father had fallen in love with a small province named Destiny and moved the family to live there. Belonging to a group called the Seven, his father was a disciple under the intense and brutal tutelage of the famed Warlord Hinun. With that pedigree, Talon's father had earned his place as Warlord and was on his way to building Destiny as the most powerful province in Miasma.

Like any son of a Warlord, Talon’s relationship with his father grew apart as he came of age. To prove his worth in his father’s eyes, Talon joined the Legion and tore up through the ranks. Like many fathers who expected the best, Kanan compared Talon to his brother, who had fought in the Tribal Wars. Though, Talon was only in the morning of his life when the war took place, he was never deemed good enough.

The seven provinces experienced a long spell of peace after the Tribal Wars ended. Then something terrible happened. Someone had murdered Warlord Hinun. Eldens, the governing Hartons of each province, had found Talon's father guilty, ripped him of his warlordship, and banished him from his beloved province. They had to in order to keep the peace among the provinces.

Destiny’s Legion was thrown into chaos. High-ranked warriors turned on each other and fought for command of the Legion. Eldens debated endlessly over who would be chosen to go through the trials for warlordship. And the Eldens rarely allowed former offspring of warlords to take the mantel, so they never considered Talon.

To calm the chaos in the Legion, they temporarily allowed Talon to take the commanding position. As fate would have it, Talon earned his permanent place as Warlord, to the Eldens’ chagrin.

What bothered Talon the most was why his father never said good-bye when he left. Talon chased rumor after rumor of his father’s whereabouts to no end and hopes one day to speak to his father again.

When Talon rose in the Legion, he became known as the best dueler the seven provinces had ever seen. That was partly due to what Hartons call effortless flight. Normally a Harton's wing is twice their own height, but Talon’s wingspan measured four and a half, which allows him to fly higher, faster, and carve around trees and branches better than any Harton warrior.

He is married to Raven, family of Silentpeace. They have three children, two sons and one daughter. They lost their first son in a tragic accident. As a result, Talon has become overprotective of his remaining son, paying little attention to his daughter.


As a child, Raven, family of Silentpeace, was a free-spirited Harton. But with black hair, a rare quality in Destinian females, dark complexion, and hazel jewels for eyes, her parents saw fit to name their daughter Raven, which was more of a Puerian name than a Destinian one. Raven grew up knowing that her passion was in the arts and dreamed of leading her own flightiste troupe. Flightistes performed acrobatic dances during flight.

Her father was Chief of the Silentpeace village, one of the most powerful and highly regarded families in the province of Destiny. He campaigned against Talon's father, asking the Eldens to unseat him from warlordship. wanted Raven to become the Lady of the village and lead the campaign against the Warfire family, a family of blood-whoring warriors.

Talon's father had won a duel against Destiny’s then Warlord, taking command of the Legion, ascension. Raven's father wouldn’t have it. But warrior lore allowed the ascension. Raven's father devised a plan. Raven would lead the Silentpeace village, while he focused on his campaign against the Warfires. But to increase her influence she needed to be the Lady of the village and marry a son of another Chief. So he arranged her marriage. It seemed fate had another path for his daughter.

During a day spent in the markets in the forest canopy, Raven rummaged in a silk shop. A familiar figure glided through in the afternoon haze. She knew it was Talon as he was known to look for easy prey to copulate with. Talon tilted his wings and fluttered them, landing by a pile of silk rolls. Harton women started to look his way, but respected Raven’s space. She was a dignitary. Raven, however, was not an easy woman. But  in talking to him, she found him charming and tolerable, which annoyed her. Despite the stories her father told, Talon didn’t fit the blood-whoring warrior that the Warfires were known for. He was a different kind of whore. 

Raven tilted her nose up. She was spoken for. She wanted to support her father’s campaign against the Warfire family. It was important to her, she thought. So she left Talon empty winged.

Rape rarely occurred within the seven provinces. When they did, the culprit was always a Harton Nomad. A series of rapes ripped through the province of Destiny. No one knew who or why. Raven decided to go on an innocent leisure flight around the province that proved to be anything but. Her beauty had caught the eyes of many men, and to her misfortune, it caught the rapist.

When Talon got wind of this, he visited the Silentpeace village. The rapist’s scent was still strong on her. Talon tore apart each village. He hunted the province for the Nomad’s scent only to find the rapist wasn’t a Nomad but a Destinian. Talon made sure Raven was the rapist's last victim.

The Silentpeace village never welcomed the prodigal Warfire son. That didn’t stop Talon from checking in on Raven. After what had happened, she wasn’t ready for any man, and the arranged marriage fell apart. No man wanted to marry a dirtied woman. Raven's father blamed Talon, which opened the door to her heart because she never approved of the arranged marriage in the first place.

Talon’s days with her turned to courtship. His taste for easy women went bland, and he slowly earned her trust. Under a open moon, full of light, stars twinkling, Talon and Raven married in a secret ceremony without her parents’ consent.

She bore two sons and a daughter. Her first son, Darik, perished in a tragic accident. A predator called a prowler consumed him when he was a tenderwing. Her two other children fell for a life in the Legion, following in their father’s wings. She never hated the Legion, never hated the Warfire family, but she wished one of her children would have followed a life in the arts. But since her cycles have ended, and she can no longer bear children.