Early in the morning of his life, Suril was a boy who was strong of heart coupled with a steel mind. Talon and Raven had a wonderful experience raising their second son. That’s if tearing off your own wings and jumping off a cliff was considered a wonderful experience.

Suril is taller than his father, inherited effortless flight, and finds passion in pleasurable activities. Long, dark brown hair flows down his strong back that holds his wide wings. Shoulders and chest were chiseled in heated duels. Life in the Legion. No one could beat Suril in a duel with any weapon, save his father. And just like his father, Suril raced up the warrior ranks.

He's now a Salvoan, third highest rank in the Destinian Legion. His job is to lead swarms of Harton warriors into battle. The philosophy is simple. Those in command help the Warlord strategize. To make sure they’ve planned well, the commanding officers will plunge into the melee alongside their men and women.

His mother was thankful when Suril found a passion in metal work; finally someone who wanted to pursue the arts. Once as a tenderwing, Suril had rudely flown into a blacksmith’s shop. Never fly in, always walk in, his mother would say. Suril couldn’t take his eyes off of the red and yellow glow of the oven. Hammer clanging against the anvil was music to his pointy ears. When Suril was able to hold a hammer, Talon asked the master blacksmith to apprentice Suril. And, graciously, the blacksmith did.

But Suril wants to be Warlord. He wants to follow in his father’s wings and continue the Warfire legacy. And fame in the Legion is where he’s going to get it. Talon has never been beaten in a duel. Everyone in the seven provinces remembers it, talks about it. Suril wants, needs something for people to remember him by. He’s yet to find it, and with no war in sight, the prospect doesn’t look good.

So he serves in other ways. To his mother’s dismay, Harton women are Suril’s pleasurable activities. Destinian women flock from all over to find comfort under the wings of the rising Warfire son. Suril cannot be blamed. Suril is a handsome Harton; women can’t help themselves. If they find him irresistible, he can only do his part. And the more women he serves, the more goodness he spreads.