Episode 18:  Chaotic Law

Warriors roared. Genai’s provincial citizens fought. Dual broad swords swung slicing through easy flesh. Steel talons chewed through limbs.

“Get to the Honeycomb now,” a Genaian warrior yelled at Noshee.

Chaotic Law dictated the coming action.

Eleven warriors that formed a weak barrier against 40 to 50 Hartons dwindled down to six. Then five. Then four.

Chaotic Law.

Soon, the angry mob would get to their target.

Noshee dove to the tip of a tree and snapped two thin branches the length of his legs. He stripped the leaves and small offshoots. Noshee raised his dual branches and flew up to the melee, roaring.

Family members seeking revenge flashed their fangs. Blood in their irises reddened their vindictive glare. Half a dozen pushed passed the remaining warriors and beamed toward Noshee. Their wings tore at the blood-tainted air.

Long branches gifted Noshee reach. He whipped the first Harton across the throat. Five left. Noshee plunged into the middle.

Two Genaians swung broadswords at Noshee’s head.

Noshee cranked his right wing, dodged both broadswords, and spun like a hurricane. His branches lashed the two Genaians. They fell away clutching their faces.

A third Harton attacked with steel talons from behind.

Noshee expanded his wings, stopping his spin, then beat his wings once. The third Genaian swung her talons. Noshee somersaulted backward. Missing, she passed below Noshee. Noshee pulled his gut in and thrust his right leg down.

Another two plummeted from above with spears cocked.

Noshee’s four front toes and hallux grasped the Genaian behind her neck. He let his weight swing down like a pendulum. He used the momentum and flung her up. The two from above crashed into her. Spears, talons, and Hartons fell.

Ten angry Hartons descended, surrounding the lone Destinian. Chaotic Law would dictate Noshee’s demise.

“I need an opening,” Noshee whispered, hovering.

Nine of them had red irises. They were too ready. He searched for the most furious Harton. Found her.

Noshee shot toward her. The rest converged to intercept him.

Suddenly, Noshee banked hard and roared. The Harton with blue eyes flinched. Noshee whipped his cheek, neck, rib cage, and groin. The Genaian fell away and Noshee broke through the sphere.

He faced the gathering hoard, flying backward, trying to gain zenith advantage. His breath became heavy. His wings felt as if they were under water. His shoulders burned. His grip on the dual branches screamed to be released.

The hoard gained on him. Noshee couldn’t spot the warriors. Didn’t know if they’d survived. Cold air scorched his dry throat. A hand gripped his right ankle. Another hand gripped his left ankle. Hands pulled him down. He was being swallowed by dozens of revenge-seeking Hartons. Sharp pain crept up his legs as they clawed.

The branches were ripped from his grip. They were useless because he didn’t have the range. The hoard consumed him, beat him, slashed him. Noshee just curled up and waited for death. His wife's voice called to him. His daughter's laugh touched his heart. Tears poured.

Then he heard something. Something tugged his left wing. The hoard seemed to shrink.

Roars! Noshee heard roars!

Two Genaian warriors in purple silks grabbed his arms and flew him away. A swarm, a thousand warriors, formed a floating wall. The hoard had no choice but to retreat.

Noshee looked over to his right.

“I didn’t know you’d be this popular,” Warlord Rorkai said. “Maybe I should’ve sent more guardians to escort you, huh?”

“That might have helped,” Noshee said.

“You keep getting hurt. Maybe Genai province doesn't like you.”

“I do not know why. I am a nice guy.”

Rorkai chuckled. “Still want to go to the Honeycomb? We can postpone the trial until your wounds heal.”

Choose your poison: Should Noshee heal and postpone his trial?

57% of the readers chose No.