When I started this site, I wanted to challenge myself by writing a live choose your story. The below two paragraphs were my introduction before the reader dove into this experiment. I've reposted the stories here, making no grammatical corrections or rewrites, in the flesh as the saying goes. Take a look!

Do you remember CYOA? No. I'm not talking about cover your own ass. I used to love the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Each book contained many stories that had different endings, depending on your choices. Here at Choose Your Poison, I'll give you at least two choices. Choose one through the poll, and which ever choice gets the most votes, I'll continue the story there. The cool thing about this is that these side stories I'll write will coincide with my book, Seventh Province: Book 1 Nightfall. The first character I've chosen is Noshee. He's a minor character in Nightfall, but will present a turning point in book two.

The story is posted on Mondays, and the poll closes on that Sunday. The challenge is to write the next episode within a 2-3 hour period because I have a day job. I have a general direction of where I'd like the episodes to go. But the resulting votes present a twist. Outlining is an important aspect in planning a novel for me, but obviously I can't do that here. So...

Please read the episodes and choose wisely.

Episode 1: Graywolf

Episode 2: Sad Death

Episode 3: Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Episode 4: The Chase

Episode 5: Warlord Rorkai

Episode 6: Search For Innocence

Episode 7: The Catacombs

Episode 8: Trapped

Episode 9: First Love

Episode 10: Banned

Episode 11: Escape

Episode 12: Warrior Within

Episode 13: The Duel

Episode 14: Captured

Episode 15: Sacrifice

Episode 16: Sinister Within

Episode 17: Revenge

Episode 18: Chaotic Law

Episode 19: Guilty

Episode 20: Thrown to the Wolves

Episode 21: Family Ties

Episode 22: Judgment Day

Episode 23: The Verdict

Episode 24: Hidden Gift

Episode 25: Destiny Awaits