Writing Plot Summaries

New York Times Best selling author Mary Mackey wrote The Notorious Mrs. Winston.  She talked about writing plot summaries, which can be difficult for writers.  As writers we tend to love details.  Makes sense, right?  It's the turning points that readers devour when reading books.  It's what were taught.  If you've read my  post on Selling Out, you'll get a glimpse on how I got it done.  I'd hired Michael Hauge, a story consultant, who lives and works in Los Angeles, to help me out. She reads several examples for her own books that'll hopeful help you how to write your own plot summaries.  She explains when you'll need them and who to send them to.  And she has a Q&A.  Please enjoy and feel free to download them.




Update:  Part 3 is up.  I uploaded the wrong one.  Sorry about that.