Transformers, more than meets the eyes. Transformers, robots in disguise. I loved that show. The cartoon movie after the original TV show ended got critical acclaim. Watch it. You'll see why.

I love movies. I'll watch anything from mindless blockbusters to sappy, chick movies.

But here's the thing. I've listened to teachers of story, and those who teach writers of screenplays state one truth: The talent out there is amazing.


Sam Witwicky is the main character. His character arc is...wait for it...wait for it...committing and saying he loves Megan Fox. I understand not making yourself totally available to a girl, but common!

Then for him to be able to vow his love to this girl 20 million tons of robots have to fight eah other, military soldiers die, a famed Autobot dies, attempted assassination on his life, and being brought back to life from the brink of death.


None of the other characters go through any change. Am I missing something? Well the girl vows her love, too. And, yes, I enjoyed it as entertainment.

But shouldn't that be a subplot?

Now, I'm not a screenwriter, nor do I have an interest in it, but I think there's still room for great screenwriters. As the saying goes, "There's always room at the top."