Tough, Rugged Manly Intuition For Tough, Rugged Manly Men

An underpinning of my novel is trusting your intuition that speaks to us from within. My main character’s wife comes from a family who has developed something called Resonance of the Soul, a way to access innate wisdom that we all have by listening to the silence. Now, I don’t mention a divine entity nor a lack of one because part of the foundation of my book is that we are complete as a people. Our soul, or whatever makes us human, or takes us a level higher than the animals (maybe), is all we need in regards to wisdom and happiness.

In life, so it is in art –author of Nightfall, sole contributor to

I trust my intuition, but sometimes I get it confused with my own ego. Other times I get it confused with my own fear. Occasionally, I confuse it with my own lust. More often than not, I don’t even hear that inner voice that knows it all. But at least I listen. Part of learning to trust it is acknowledging when my intuition is right.

And the opportunities came! With two women. Hahaha!

One woman had antagonized me many times on a hike and during a dinner. When I first met her, I had walked away, dropped her like it's hawt, because I had no interest in her. There was no evidence to support my disinterest, like who she was as a person, but I felt it enough inside to just split. Since then, she has not been kind to me. Though, in my mind, that didn’t support my intuition’s wisdom, that is was correct, because maybe she’s frothy as a woman. So when I ran into her while I was meeting up with some friends, I decided to be nice and asked her if she had any interests or hobbies.

“No,” she said, shaking her head.

"Do you read?"

She chuckled. "Nope." 

“Knitting? Movies? Theater? How about the outdoors?” I prodded.

“Nope. I just work, eat, and sleep.”

Yeah. I was right not to have an interest in her. In her defense, she does have a boyfriend. But I don’t hang out with him, even though he’s nice. He’s also a bit boring. But that’s just my opinion.

I was attracted to the second woman when I met her. We seemed to have a good connection, she seemed intelligent, so I asked her out. During an email exchange, she had gone off on a rant when we were trying to set up our first date. Her rant was more than enough for me to say fuck off, and that date never happened. Many of my friends, especially male friends who were hard-up, said I was in the wrong and should have apologized. I never did.

So over the past weekend, I was talking to a friend of mine who is also friends with this woman. And she went off on him because he wasn’t able to give her a ride to a hospital appointment. She doesn't have a car. 

My friend lives more than an hour away from her place of home. The fact that she had to call him (Was there no one closer?) indicates how many friends she may have.

I was happy to hear she went off on him because it helped vindicate me (in my mind) that my intuition was correct, and all of my hard-up friends were fucking wrong.

Too often we as a species don’t acknowledge our intuition. Too often we are chastised when we do. Many cults attribute this voice to God. And maybe it is God. But maybe it is our soul, which can be sole pieces of a larger entity. But I’m not here to argue for or against a divinity. I am here to suggest that our inner voice, maybe our soul, has more wisdom than we give it credit. And if we step aside and listen, maybe we can navigate this thing called life with more peace and happiness, like avoiding bitches that could wreak hell and havoc and mayhem in your life, for example.