The Rabbit, the Nasty Woman, and the Tight Shirt

There has been a huge focus lately on inequality. Women are paid less than men as an example. I was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast. He had a specialist that stated men get paid more when we look at the average pay of both genders because men tend to hold higher positions in the corporate world and are also the ones to own their own businesses, skewering the numbers.

But even in the highest positions, the gap in pay between the genders can be huge. Or that women may not have access to those opportunities.

The women's march that took place over the weekend where Ashley Judd used Nina Donavan's Nasty Woman poem as an epic rant had shed some light on some of the deeper issues. All of which I agreed with, and the march was a good first step.

Coincidentally, my Facebook page had also been ladened with how unfair Asian men are treated. And how we're seen as the least desired race in men.

Tangent much? I know. Just come with me into the rabbit hole.

There was an OKCupid study that showed the largest percentage of likes going to Caucasian men and Asian women, while the least went to Asian men and black women. I've experienced this myself. My white counterpart seemed to have a much easier time lining up dates, while I can barely get someone to peek into my online profile.

The issue of equal pay is important. That issue can be fixed, difficult as it may be. At least regulations can be formed to address this. But creating laws to make women check out my online profile is a bit much, crazy.

Let's assume there's nothing wrong with my online profile. Then let's assume women aren't jumping for joy when they see my stats because I ain't considered tall, I'm Asian, and I dance like this:

In the online market, there are men with better stats. I can't control that, except to learn to dance better. So what's a guy to do?

Jump off a cliff. NO. Joking.

For me I've found that meeting women in person works well. Lucky for me, men are idiots. More so in person. So as long as I avoid being too much of an idiot, I'm half way there. And being out in the open where stats cannot follow me, I can use humor, charm, insights, passions, and a tight shirt to open the door to a lady's heart. Or other desirable parts. Shit. Idiot!

The point is to not take on someone's limitations, or the results of a study, as your own. Does that mean I have to give up? No. Go forth. If something isn't working, then find another way. The path may be difficult. But do it anyways.