Ignorant Americans

The evil bad guy in my story uses ignorance to shed fear upon the people he's terrorizing. Ignorance is a powerful tool. I can't tell you how many times I've seen those shrink your tummy gizmos shizmos on TV and know it's bullshit. "It takes five seconds a day and you'll see results yesterday. It's so easy you'll barely do anything but sit there."

Yeah. The result is that you just bought a piece of crap machine that does nothing but take your $19.95 from your credit card.

I was eating cheese today with a group of people and heard a woman say how ignorant Americans were. She was talking about how the cheese made overseas was better than cheese made in America.

I thought, What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

What you see with the ?!?!?!???? is what we edumacated writers call a no no, a sin, a taboo in accepted English grammar.

Why we be so ignant? Cuz we ignant Americans have a law dat requires pasturizin da cheese.

For you folks I misspelled these words on purpose. Ignant for the Ebonics challenged means ignorant. Dat means that.

Getting back to ignance...

When I went to Walmart I looked at a ream of paper. One pack was a dollah fitty. Another was two dollah fitty. What was the difference? I have no idea. One dollah?

Can I make my own paper? No. In fact, I go to Walmart because I can't make paper as good as the two dollah fitty version, let alone the one dollah fitty version. I doubt that ego ridden woman sitting on her highchair could make paper. Yes, the highchair babies use.

To further my point, she can't make anything Walmart sells. That's why Walmart sells stuff. So we don't need to know how to make stuff. That doesn't make us ignant. It allows us to focus on things that are more important. Like friends and family, our passions, or just being.

So the next time anyone makes fun of Walmart, ask them if they can make anything they sell. 100 to nothin they can't.

Good Idea vs. Inspiration

Living in a metropolitan area allows me to encounter tons of people.  In talking to them, almost every one I run into have a good idea.  Either they have a book they want to write, an invention that would revolutionize daily life, a hobby they'd like to explore, a business they want to start.  Just to list a few. Question is how many of those people explore or pursue it?

I'd venture a guess that it's 2% or less.

So what's inspiration?  Is it the same as a good idea?

In talking to all these people, a lot of them also have inspirations.  They have a book they want to write, an invention that would revolutionize daily life, a hobby they'd like to explore, a business they want to start.

Again, I'd go on a limb and guess that less than 2% pursue or explore their inspirations.

When you walk into a store, like a Walmart, you're surrounded by tons of merchandise.  Think about this.  Where did all that stuff come from?

A factory in China.

Ha!  Yes but no.  Go further back.  Where did any of those things--George Foreman Grill, flat screen TVs, gum, textiles--really come from?  Someone's mind.  Think about it.  A long time ago someone who loved fish said, "I'd love to have live fish at my house, so I can look at them when I come home."  Hence, fish tanks came to existence.

Any of you know how J.K. Rowling got the idea of Harry Potter?  She had a vision, an inspiration, of this boy.  She then spent the next several hours imagining the world of Harry Potter, spent the next five years writing it.

Look at all the movies that come out every year.  All of them started in someone's head.  Sometimes it took several heads to come up with the story idea.  But it got made and released.

The difference between a good idea or an inspiration becoming real is action.  Go out and do it.