Three Men Walk Into a Kitchen

Sitting in a kitchen nook, I watched three men debating whether buying a late model car was a good idea or not. I had little interest in the conversation because I drive a car that is twelve-years old. And I'm mildly surprised it has survived for that long, and it isn't because I'm an Asian driver, but because the car maker isn't known for building long-lasting automobiles.

"I hate driving a dying model BMW," a successful salesman said.

"Me too," his best friend said and took a drag from his medicinal e-cigarette.

A newlywed man scratched his beard. "But the dealer is giving us a really good deal."

The salesman raised his eyebrows. "Because BMW is releasing a new body shape. But are you OK driving a car that will be out-of-date in seven months?"

"I wouldn't." The best friend toked on his e-cigarette.

The newlywed gazed into the distance as he tried to imagine driving a car on the road that would eventually be filled with newer model BMWs.

Given the theory of evolution, everything is always going to die out to better versions. Unless you believe in a young Earth, then maybe this is a bad analogy.

Nevertheless, the idea of caring about driving a car that would be out-dated is crazy to me. Unless you're the car dealer. At the basis, a car transports people from one place to another, and maybe even more places. OK. Not maybe. But for sure. But as long as the car doesn't break down, does it matter that the car will eventually be eclipsed by a newer model?

Not at all.

It's all in the mind. So, like me, if you don't care about new models, cars that is, then driving an old car will never be a problem. Nor should it be. But if you deeply care about this, that people will drive cars newer than yours, then there's more to it than just a passion about automobiles.

There's a level of insecurity that maybe the person with the newer car is better, or is within the circle of BMW's trust.

There's always someone who's better at fighting, who earns more wealth, who's blah, blah, blah...

But that says nothing about whether you're less than a human. And having the biggest anything doesn't make you more than a human. Unless you're a man, then maybe you should consider becoming an underwear model. Or a porn star.

We live in a world of labels. You can lather as many labels on yourself, but that won't change who you are as a person. Some people may value you more because of it, but do you really want to be liked for the stuff that you have? Or do you want to be like for you?