Game of Life

Have you had dinner with a relative, the one who talks down to you, but you go anyway because you feel obligated to sit and chew some sustenance and withstand the sleep-inducing conversation that will cap this most exciting experience?

To me, my whole family is like that. I love them (obligatory sentence this is). And I make it sound bad, cuz it sorta is, but they're family. I said that at the beginning of the paragraph. I know! Stop nagging me!

Taking a chill pill 'till my will for anger will subside like an ill-running car puttering up a hill.

Yeah. I'm not sure what that means either.

My life centers around my writing. So I wake up early for work so I can get off work early so I can rush to the gym early and then trudge into the shop (coffee that is) and write. During my workout, I run into my brother and he invites me to dinner. I haven't seen him in a long time, so I agree. Why not?

We sit down at a table and the first thing he says is, "How's life?" Then before I can respond, he jokes, "What life? Right?" And laughs.

Fabulous. Love you too, bro.

In my family, having a life means locking yourself in marriage, growing children, tending to a single family abode, while clawing the ranks of the corporate world, saving for retirement (waiting for death that is). In other words, being a zombie.

The above blurb should show you that I'm not married, have no kids, not clawing up anyone's ass in the business world, treading is more like it but barely. 

Now, I'm not saying living that life is bad. I wouldn't offend anyone like that on purpose. But when my big bro throws shit at me, I can't help but think about my life and wonder if spending thousands of hours on writing is really the way to go.

Is writing my stories and throwing it out into the world (my dream that is) a worthy life goal?

Most positive thinking practitioners state yes, pursuing your dreams, your passions is a life well lived.

Every man dies, not every man truly lives. -William Wallace

But what does truly live mean?

Does it involve risking your life like the military? Or doing stunts like jumping out of a plane? Or pursuing the arts and creating something that shows your soul? Or raising children and hope that they wont blow up the world?

That's for you to decide. But for some reason, being a cog in a corporate machine is not the way to go, unless you really find a thrill in being a cog in a corporate machine. I said that in the beginning. I know!