The Rabbit, the Nasty Woman, and the Tight Shirt

There has been a huge focus lately on inequality. Women are paid less than men as an example. I was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast. He had a specialist that stated men get paid more when we look at the average pay of both genders because men tend to hold higher positions in the corporate world and are also the ones to own their own businesses, skewering the numbers.

But even in the highest positions, the gap in pay between the genders can be huge. Or that women may not have access to those opportunities.

The women's march that took place over the weekend where Ashley Judd used Nina Donavan's Nasty Woman poem as an epic rant had shed some light on some of the deeper issues. All of which I agreed with, and the march was a good first step.

Coincidentally, my Facebook page had also been ladened with how unfair Asian men are treated. And how we're seen as the least desired race in men.

Tangent much? I know. Just come with me into the rabbit hole.

There was an OKCupid study that showed the largest percentage of likes going to Caucasian men and Asian women, while the least went to Asian men and black women. I've experienced this myself. My white counterpart seemed to have a much easier time lining up dates, while I can barely get someone to peek into my online profile.

The issue of equal pay is important. That issue can be fixed, difficult as it may be. At least regulations can be formed to address this. But creating laws to make women check out my online profile is a bit much, crazy.

Let's assume there's nothing wrong with my online profile. Then let's assume women aren't jumping for joy when they see my stats because I ain't considered tall, I'm Asian, and I dance like this:

In the online market, there are men with better stats. I can't control that, except to learn to dance better. So what's a guy to do?

Jump off a cliff. NO. Joking.

For me I've found that meeting women in person works well. Lucky for me, men are idiots. More so in person. So as long as I avoid being too much of an idiot, I'm half way there. And being out in the open where stats cannot follow me, I can use humor, charm, insights, passions, and a tight shirt to open the door to a lady's heart. Or other desirable parts. Shit. Idiot!

The point is to not take on someone's limitations, or the results of a study, as your own. Does that mean I have to give up? No. Go forth. If something isn't working, then find another way. The path may be difficult. But do it anyways.

Men Are Idiots

Why are Superman and Batman standing behind her?

Why are Superman and Batman standing behind her?

My friends know that there's little that I won't say out loud. Some tell me I have no filter. That's not true. I do have a filter. It just has big holes and is made of rubber. Sometimes the rubber stretches and the holes are big, so I'll say pretty much whatever I want, and swear like a hard up sailor. Sometimes the rubber constricts, and the holes are small, and less callous things leave my mouth, like a priest. Actually, I'd swear as a priest too.

The Internet provides a lot of anonymity where people's filters are completely removed and they'll say the most hateful things.

On Facebook the other day, I saw a guy post a picture of a blonde sitting down at some establishment leaning over her laptop. He stated to womankind that they should take better care of themselves. He was referring specifically to her feet. She was wearing flats, and her heals were dry and cracked. I couldn't tell from the picture. He said women should regularly use a foot file and apply shea butter and feet that are as soft and smooth as a baby's butt is just as sexy as a beautiful smile. I wasn't sure if sexy referred to the feet or the baby's butt. One is a fetish, the other is against the law.

There's enough misogyny in this country alone to spread the world over again and again and, sadly, again. Trump anyone?

I'm a leg and butt guy. Cannot get enough. I spend a lot of time down there. A. Lot. Aw, yeah. Ooh, baby...Sorry. Where was I?

I've never told any of my past girlfriends that they had to go workout to firm up their cellulite.

Jimmy, you don't firm up cellulite. Right! Forgot.

If my exes wanted to workout, then they did it on their own volition. I did not own their bodies. I just enjoyed them.

If it wasn't for the kindness of others, I'd still be a virgin.

I think what got me in the gullet was that Footsy had the audacity to take a picture of this woman from behind (!), whom he didn't know, and posted the picture on Facebook unbeknownst to her, and told womankind to take better care of themselves.

Motherfucker, you don't have the sack'o'balls to ask a woman out, let alone tell this woman to her face to take better care of her feet (He's an acquaintance of mine).

Just the daily regiment women go through to get ready is beyond my comprehension. But they do it.

So I decided to post: If she offered to suck your dick, you wouldn't let her?

Not only did he not respond, but he deleted my post.

What a coward.

I've always said this: Men are idiots. I include myself...cuz I be Man...ugh...argh!

Many of my female friends are dating, and some have actually found cool guys. How rare. But they had to fight through a melee of sheer stupidity that is called malekind. Some are still battling idiocy. Dating is hard enough with two cool people. Or three. I don't judge. But add in my kinds' chauvinistic and entitlement lunacy, and I feel sorry for women. But they trudge on.

Which leads me to this: Women are tougher than men. Because I've seen a lot of men buckle under less pressure.

Women have to deal with inequality/harassment in the workplace.

They're gawked and groped at by assholes like Footsy.

They give birth to men out of their vaginas, and some of those men end up beating women, becoming pussies.

Many work, come home and care for it, care for the kids, and deal with the bullshit that we shell out.

Still—they trudge on.

Men...would have shot each other. 


 "She eat pork?"

"No," I said to my sister.

"You stop eating pork?"


My sister shook her head. "Don't know how you will make it work."


During my birthday dinner, my friends and I were talking about what makes two people compatible. Someone mentioned having things in common.

I shook my head.

"Don't you think we have a lot of things in common?" my girlfriend asked.

I raised an eyebrow like Spock contemplating air coming out of a person's ass as humor. "What do you think we have in common?"

"We like books..." She thought for a moment. And that moment was met with quiet as our friends stared at us.

"See. We don't have nuthin' in common."

She frowned and leaned close to me. "I thought we had a lot in common."

"No. But that doesn't matter. We have fun together."

What else does any couple need?

I'm not sure if love is enough to keep a relationship alive. I've loved all my past girlfriends. And we're not together anymore.

A lot of people make a big deal about having things in common. And others say, "That's like dating yourself."

So who's right?

The group of people that believe commonality is the key to a lasting relationship touts that things like cultural differences can wedge a couple apart. And delving into common interests can pull a couple together.

Others say having more differences allows the couple to share in each other's interests, open up deep conversations, strengthening their connection.

It seems to me, the focus is on the prescription of how to make an everlasting relationship, rather than taking a step back and describing what a great relationship looks like.

For me the one thing that ended all my relationships was when fun had stopped, or the joy of being with that person ended. That often happened a year or so before the actual break up. Sigh. Old habits.

There are three truths:

  1. Men are idiots.
  2. Women are crazy.
  3. But if you both are having fun, do crazy idiots matter? Hint: no.

The first two truths are really just one in that we're all human. We make mistakes. We fail. Shit happens. And that's fine because those things can guide us in life. We also have moments of greatness, success, and when we remember to just be, we'll experience joy. Welcome to being human.

When we see a couple having a lot of fun, we automatically think their relationship is going well, despite knowing if they have anything in common or not.

The vice versa is also true. When we see a couple in a heated argument, I think, how long before I can hit on that chick after her break up?

The key here is fun. People can come from two different worlds and have fun.

My girlfriend is a devout Muslim. I'm a devout heathen. Do we get into arguments? Hell yeah. But do we have fun together? Hell yeah.

However, I think there are basic core values that are important, and they vary from person to person.

I went to a comedy show couple weeks ago and this comedian asked, "Do you need money to have sex with a woman?"

This Asian chick yelled, "Yes!"

If the man in a relationship is a saver, and his wife has $100,000 in credit card debt, then they're going to run into issues. Can they work it out? Sure. It'll be difficult. But money seems to be at the core of many arguments. Nothing's impossible. Breathing in space with no space suit? Good luck.

Point is, any limitation placed is done by the individual. But then, I'd rather not date that Asian chick from the show. Sounds like a fucking bitch.