Men Are Idiots

Why are Superman and Batman standing behind her?

Why are Superman and Batman standing behind her?

My friends know that there's little that I won't say out loud. Some tell me I have no filter. That's not true. I do have a filter. It just has big holes and is made of rubber. Sometimes the rubber stretches and the holes are big, so I'll say pretty much whatever I want, and swear like a hard up sailor. Sometimes the rubber constricts, and the holes are small, and less callous things leave my mouth, like a priest. Actually, I'd swear as a priest too.

The Internet provides a lot of anonymity where people's filters are completely removed and they'll say the most hateful things.

On Facebook the other day, I saw a guy post a picture of a blonde sitting down at some establishment leaning over her laptop. He stated to womankind that they should take better care of themselves. He was referring specifically to her feet. She was wearing flats, and her heals were dry and cracked. I couldn't tell from the picture. He said women should regularly use a foot file and apply shea butter and feet that are as soft and smooth as a baby's butt is just as sexy as a beautiful smile. I wasn't sure if sexy referred to the feet or the baby's butt. One is a fetish, the other is against the law.

There's enough misogyny in this country alone to spread the world over again and again and, sadly, again. Trump anyone?

I'm a leg and butt guy. Cannot get enough. I spend a lot of time down there. A. Lot. Aw, yeah. Ooh, baby...Sorry. Where was I?

I've never told any of my past girlfriends that they had to go workout to firm up their cellulite.

Jimmy, you don't firm up cellulite. Right! Forgot.

If my exes wanted to workout, then they did it on their own volition. I did not own their bodies. I just enjoyed them.

If it wasn't for the kindness of others, I'd still be a virgin.

I think what got me in the gullet was that Footsy had the audacity to take a picture of this woman from behind (!), whom he didn't know, and posted the picture on Facebook unbeknownst to her, and told womankind to take better care of themselves.

Motherfucker, you don't have the sack'o'balls to ask a woman out, let alone tell this woman to her face to take better care of her feet (He's an acquaintance of mine).

Just the daily regiment women go through to get ready is beyond my comprehension. But they do it.

So I decided to post: If she offered to suck your dick, you wouldn't let her?

Not only did he not respond, but he deleted my post.

What a coward.

I've always said this: Men are idiots. I include myself...cuz I be Man...ugh...argh!

Many of my female friends are dating, and some have actually found cool guys. How rare. But they had to fight through a melee of sheer stupidity that is called malekind. Some are still battling idiocy. Dating is hard enough with two cool people. Or three. I don't judge. But add in my kinds' chauvinistic and entitlement lunacy, and I feel sorry for women. But they trudge on.

Which leads me to this: Women are tougher than men. Because I've seen a lot of men buckle under less pressure.

Women have to deal with inequality/harassment in the workplace.

They're gawked and groped at by assholes like Footsy.

They give birth to men out of their vaginas, and some of those men end up beating women, becoming pussies.

Many work, come home and care for it, care for the kids, and deal with the bullshit that we shell out.

Still—they trudge on.

Men...would have shot each other.