J.J. Abrams Turned Star Trek Universe On Itself

Did J.J. Abrams turn the Star Trek universe on itself? The problem with remakes, even ones that are considered prequels, is that you have to be loyal to the source material.  James T. Kirk who was captain of the starship Enterprise must become captain again.  Spock must be teamed up with Kirk.  Then all of the prior installments must be observed, so the current prequel plot lines don't contradict them.

This can limit the storyteller.

What Abrams did was pure genius.  He used the Star Trek universe as means to allow him the freedom to make future Star Trek movies with no ties to the prior movies.  He used time and alternate universes to help free himself from the past.  See the movie and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The movie itself was well made.  The dialogue, writing, action was really on par if not better than previous installments.  There was great chemistry among most of the main characters, and there were enough surprises that helped propel the plot.

The characters traits were well defined in the beginning.  And this matches well to young adults who tend to be idealistic in nature.

They even used the odd man out in red in a mission that foreshadowed his quick death.  You remember?  In the old episodes when they beamed down, the one person who no one cared, wearing a red uniform was the one who was going to die.  Saw that a mile away.

I totally recommend the movie.  You don't need to be a Trekkie to enjoy this.  However, there are plenty of inside jokes for Trekkies of all levels.