Idiots. They're all over the world. Sometimes I'm an idiot. Sometimes my friends are idiots. Some of my friends are idiots more of the time than they're not. But idiocy is a part of being human. There's no cure. No pill to stave it off so people who are idiots aren't as much of an idiot. Nor is there a pill to make it easier to live with idiots. Because of this, being angry at idiots is a complete idiotic waste of time.

I was having dinner with a friend of mine. She asked me, "Are you happy?"


"Like, content?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I still want to accomplish things, but yeah."

"Do you think I'm angry?"

I smiled. "Yeah." I'm pretty deep, huh?

She looked into the distance, as far as the restaurant wall would allow, and said, "I feel sad."


"I don't know. But I am."

After dinner, I was driving her back to her car. The light in front of me was green, giving me the right of way. A chubby guy stepped onto the street and strolled across it. He then flashed his light at me to signal that his idiotic ass was crossing my path. Which means he does this a lot because he didn't take out his flashlight. He had it ready on the go.

My friend went off the handle. She screamed, "I hate idiots."

"Chill out," I said. "There's no problem here."

"No! What if someone hits him and he survives and he sues the driver. Now it's that driver's problem."

"You're talking about a problem that doesn't exist." Meaning this accident with this idiot hasn't occurred.

"What are you talking about?" She huffed and spewed more hatred and lamented how people like that who live on her tax money through welfare should go to hell. She was fuming like a power plant burning every vestige of coal.

It's no wonder why she's mad and sad and can't seem to get a grip on happiness. She covers any contentment with thoughts and problems that do not exist. Do problems exist in the world? Of course. But how much of that, if any, actually affects her? That's a big fat zero.

She's healthy. She's not starving. She has a place to live. She has a job. She has friends. She has all her limbs. When I look at what real problems are (i.e. a bear standing above you ready to devour you) she doesn't have any, nor are any looming in her near future. But...she submerges her greatest asset in the world, her mind, in a storming whirlpool of thoughts that feeds back on themselves and transforms into a black hole that is very difficult to escape. Not even light.

And she's not alone when it comes to this overthinking disease. We as humans succumb to it to the point where we get depressed, upset, sad, and we try to get ourselves out of this black hole by thinking some more, which of course makes this hole even stronger, bigger, creating a prison that the most positive person in the world can't get out of. Then the only call to action is to spread this hate by harming others.

But there is a cure.

It's called Letitgo.

There are different ways to administer Letitgo. Go outside and take a walk. Or dance with friends.

Or pet your pet. Or pet your own personal pet.

Or workout.

Or watch some mindless TV. Or have mindless conversation with your family or friends.

Letitgo can be fast-acting, but that's up to the individual's resistance. Either way, Letitgo is the cure-all of mind storms. Letitgo. No prescription required. Not tested on animals. Letitgo. 

Can You Make Money?

It's funny how art mimics life, or how life mimics art.  The hero of my book has compulsions that seem to border on anger.  And it's no surprise my compulsions border on anger.  Artists have issues.  One of the best ways to work them out is to put it into art. 1832099-US_Mint-Denver Do you work at the US Mint?

I was waiting for a free table at my favorite place to write, Borders. And I overheard a high school student asking a grad student about working in the financial sector.  The grad student had financial looking books on the long table.  He said that if you worked for this certain company doing this certain kind of trade, you’d make a lot of money.

Something inside me wanted to jump up, slap the grad student across the face, and take the high school student, shake him, and tell him to follow his passions.

If that’d happened, then I’d be writing this post in jail.

The more important question was why did I react this way. And why do I react this way when I hear people say, “Do this and you’ll make lots of money.” Or the more infamous, “I’ve created a system that will create fast, easy money, bring you girls from all over the world. See this car I’m driving? Would you like to drive this car?” Then in faint, white fine print ‘Results may vary. Results not typical.'  The kind of fine print that not even Sherlock Holmes could find.

As I was waiting for a table, I checked through my unread emails and came across a newsletter from Michael Neill. Check him out. He’s awesome. He wrote about the difference between earning money and making money.

Aren’t those two the same?

The only people in America that make money are the people who work in the US Mint. The rest of us earn money.

The earning part is where most people don’t understand.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he’s helping his close friend produce some videos. My friend said he knew how to get free actors. We laughed because actors would work for free just to get their faces and names out there. But these actors are on to something. They’re putting the work in, serving others, with the hope that it’ll pay them back.

To start a fire in a fireplace, you must give it wood. This wood is the service you give before you can get heat, the payback.  Life is full of dualities.  Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, the yin and yang, complete opposites that work with each other.

Will I make money from my books? No. Unless I use the pages to print money. But that would be a big no no.

My job as a writer is to write the best book that I can write, to write the story given to me, and have fun doing it.  I've put my soul into it.  As the fame photographer Rodney Lough has said, art is the language of the soul.  Everything else follows.

Feel the Anger

Have you ever felt angry?  Then have the crazy thought it was wrong to feel this way?

I was talking to a friend today.  She made huge changes in her life recently.  Changes that was necessary.  Fortunately, she’s grown quite a bit.

A lot of the things she went through, I witnessed some of it, angered her.  Anyone in her position would definitely feel obligated, entitled to be pissed off.  Then she said it was wrong to feel this way and tried to think positive thoughts.

That gets me.

One of the most annoying things the self-help industry has tried to push is thinking positively.  It’s on the level of losing weight and getting six pack abs through electrodes. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to jealousy.  OK...should be suffering.

Damn you, Yoda!

Sorry, Mr. Lucas.

First of all, humans are like...people.  And people feel things.  They want to feel things.  If they didn’t, then why write stories that have drama?  Conflict?  Why does reality TV only show stuff that gets our blood boiling?

Cuz we be addicted to emotion.

Feel the the fear, the anger, the hate, and, my oh my, feel the jealousy.

Whenever you feel these emotions, it feels good in the beginning because you’re letting steam out.  It’s like letting out the pressure from a boiling teapot.  But dwelling in these emotions is like turning up the fire until all the water is vaporized.

DWELL on any of these, then you’ll go to the dark side.  Dwell means live in.

Now you’re empty.

As humans go, we tend to want to fill the emptiness with something.  For example, we buy things because we think it’ll make us happy.  And because once an object in motion stays in motion, we’ll fill it with more of the same stuff.  More fear, anger, hate, jealousy.

So don’t live in these emotions.  Feel them and let it go.  Turn your attention to something you like or love, something that you enjoy without being destructive.  Another words don’t eat your way to happiness.  Don’t inject your problems away.  Don’t fill your life with meaningless material things.

I tend to go to the gym when I come up against a wall.  Women in tight clothes tend to fill me with glee.  Yes, I'm a dork.  Or I’ll read a good book, watch a good movie, or talk to close friends.

Your question now should be:  Does feeling these emotions tell me anything?

If you feel fear, maybe there’s something to it.  Like if a guy approaches you and you have a creepy feeling about him, it’s time for you to leave.

If someone slaps you, and you feel angry, then it’s obvious you don’t like being slapped.

If you hate something, then maybe you don’t like it.

Or if you see someone approach your significant other, and you feel jealous, then maybe it shows you how much you love them.

No need to complicate things.

I delved into this a lot because several of my main characters deal with guilt.  So I did a lot of research about it.  And, man, we all need to let go.