Street Fighter the Legend of Chun Li

Chun Li.  Kristin Kreuk.  My Asian sistah!  It’s cool that they made a martial arts movie around a female character.  It gives little girls someone to look up to.  I’ve mentored children, and they all need heroes to admire and model.

But the problem with these movies, movies based on video games, is that they don’t honor the game.  I remember the Street Fighter era.  The worn down ball joystick, the shiny red buttons, and the “Kamehameha” brings memories of getting my butt kicked.  I was never good at it, but when I watched others play, it was like a freakin ballet dance of kicking ass.

And Chun Li kicked ass.  And they tried to keep her powers true to the video game.  But not enough.  Not enough to bring the spirit of the game to the screen.  Directors and screenwriters know the issue.  It was the biggest complaint of the first Street Fighter movie with Jean Claude Van Damme.  Damn it!

But I watched it for Kristin.  I’m a sucker for hazel eyes.