Spiritual Experience With Bruce Lee Part 2

Over to my left I saw something that was kind of creepy.  Maybe not creepy, but made me ask if this was really happening?  In a large empty space of green grass, pooled in the middle were a flock of black crows.  There must have been a hundred.  Maybe more?  Less?  I didn't sit and count.  Didn't know if I was going to be pecked to death. Keeping my distance, I started to walk along a winding cement path.  Through the trees and around the grass the flock of crows followed me.  Or coincidentally flew at the same place that I strolled, despite the ocean of land all around me.

Then a back of a tomb stone caught my eye.  Beside it was another tombstone that was also very familiar.  I calmly strolled around to the front.  I knew.  I'd found him.  I've seen pictures of his tombstone before, and there was no mistaken this was Bruce's.  To the right lay his son, Brandon.

During the time I was taking acting classes back in college, I'd wondered if Bruce had any children.  I never thought to find out before.  Bruce had two, and his son was an actor.  It was sort of finding out that Jesus had children.  And yes, I loved reading the Da Vinci Code.  I dreamed about working with Brandon.  Soon after, a tragic accident resulted in his death.  So sad.

In front of the grave site a marble bench sat.  An engraving lined the edge of it, but I don't remember what it said.  I paid my respect, bowed three times, sat on the bench and had a conversation with one my idol.  Yes, call me weird.  Then it happened.

A single black crow landed on a tombstone next to Brandon's.

I looked at it.  It looked at me.  I know what you're thinking.  No, it didn't talk to me.  Nor did I talk to it.  Now, when this was going on, I didn't time it.  But the crow sat there for a long time.  Long enough for me to be weary of my vulnerable eyes.  Suddenly...it attacked me.  I got up ran away, flailing my arms.

Just kidding.

It kept looking at me and, moments later, flew off.  Moments later, I left.  The whole experience was surreal, spiritual, and it's been something that I've wanted to do, and done it.

So you're saying the crows and crow landing by me was a coincidence.  Perfectly understandable.  On my last day, I went back to the cemetery to say one final good-bye.  I entered Lakeview Cemetery.  There were a lot more sparrows and not a single crow.

I flew back home feeling a connection, energized, with a pretty cool story to tell my dates.  Oddly enough, they don't continue seeing me.  Hmmm.