Spiritual Experience with Bruce Lee

Spiritual Experience with Bruce Lee:  Part 1 With most Asian boys of my generation, Bruce Lee was da man.  Not only did he kick butt, but he always had a reason to do it.  When I was a kid, I'd fantasized:

"Hey you," said some kid.

"What did you say to me?" I said.

"Gimme your lunch money."

"You offend me, you offend my familee!"  I pointed at him, swipe my nose with my thumb.  "Whoppah!"

That was as far as my dialogue would go before I dealt some serious whoopin' of the rear end.  I was a kid.  Around my teens years I'd discovered Bruce had been buried in Seattle, WA.  Just a couple of states above me.  Since then I've wanted to go on a quest to find Mr. Lee.

One year, my company forced us to go on non-paid vacation to save money.  I decided to fly up to Seattle and begin my Indiana Jones type search.  I was actually kinda anxious.  Bruce is buried in Lakeview Cemetery.  I fly into Seattle and ask the hotel clerk where Lakeview is.  They inform me it's like 5-6 hours north.


Did I fly in the wrong city?  No!  I swore it was Seattle.  I turned to the net, searched, and bam.  Lakeview was 30 minutes away.  Whew!

It was a gray, sprinkly day, and I zoom down the highway with anticipation.  At this point in my life, I've read and studied the legend, so there was this energy around me during the trip.  The cemetery was pretty easy to find.  I park my studly rental, a Kia four door, and step onto the wet asphalt.  I look for a map like the kind you find at a mall that says, you're here--big black arrow--Bruce is here--big red dot.  There was no such map.  A few brown sparrows landed on a patch of green but soon flew off.

I enter the large iron gates.  Whoa!

There must have been a few thousand tomb stones.  Most had names like Yang, Chang, Lang, Dang.  Dang it!  A lot of Asian people.  There were Lee's, Chong's, Chu's...it was like trying to find the needle in a needle stack.  Thirty minutes roaming around where dead people are, and I couldn't find da man.

Then I noticed something weird, something strange.  Was it a coincidence?

Come back tomorrow and check out part two.