Review of Obsessed

Over the weekend I saw Obsessed, starring Beyonce Knowles.  I didn't know it was a comedy.  But first, let's start with the review. The story is basic.  A person get's obsessed with coworker.  Coworker is happily married.  The obsessed obsessively obsesses over the coworker and chases after him.  Ali Larter plays the obsessed.  Idris Elba plays the loving husband.  But the obvious draw to the movie is Beyonce.  And because she's a strong woman both in real life and in the movie, she takes care of business.  As expected she kicks Larter's ass.  Might I say a very nice ass.  Overall, despite being predictive, it was  entertaining.

How is it a comedy?

One of the climatic scenes in the movie is when the wife is led to believe that her husband cheated on her.  Elba, who plays the loyal husband, denies, denies, denies.  And then he denies some more.  Even though we see the movie through the husband's perspective, and he did everything to thwart Larter's obsessive obsession, when Knowles accuses her husband of cheating, all of the women in the theater were like:

"You go girl!"

"Oh, hell naw.  He lyin'.  He lyin'!"

"Das right.  Take it to him, girl!"

One lady turn to her friend.  "Mm hmm.  He did it.  He cheated on Miss Knowles."

I could not stop laughing.  As I said, I didn't know I was in for a comedy.  The scene continued at home where Beyonce proceeded to kick her husband out.

"Das right.  Das your house."

"Mm hmm.  Take control.  You deserve better."

"Oh, girl.  Don't listen to him.  He did it. Liar!"

The whole theater filled with catcalls and whoops, praising Beyonce for defending her womanhood.  I busted up laughing.  Not only because of the enthusiasm of the theater, which I suddenly felt to be the only guy in attendance.  But because the guy really didn't do anything.  He actually made no moves, no actions, and wasn't even tempted.  Still, the estrogen filled theater heckled him as if he committed the ultimate marital sin.

I felt compelled and yelled, "He didn't do nothin'."  Which of course fell on deaf ears.