Push the Edge

I was teaching a student the other day, and we'd been discussing making out. And no, not between us. I'd be in jail right now. He's never had a girlfriend and is dating a cute girl now. He hasn't made a move and I've been egging him to make out with this girl. He's been hesitating for about three months. I asked him if he wanted to. He answered an emphatic yes. What boy wouldn't. I asked why he hadn't done it. He's scared cuz it's his first time. Afraid of what the girl would think. The fact is it'd be her first time, too. I pushed him to do it.

And for the women, when you like a guy, and he hasn't done anything, wouldn't you be pissed?

I'd discussed this with a friend of mine and she threatened to call child services. She was joking but thought my pushing was totally incorrect.

My philosophy is push the edge, the envelope, or else how do you know where your true limit is?

What do you guys think?