Practice Feeling Bad?

My eyes!  Where be my eyes?

My eyes!  Where be my eyes?

Do you feel depressed or unhappy because that's how you think you should feel?

I'd come across a method of getting rid of feelings of anxiety, which would eventually lead to great things that I wanted to create in my life.  Who wouldn't want that?

So I bought the book The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin.  It was a pretty easy read and the exercises were really simple.  In recommending the book to my best friend, he'd got it but had one complaint.  

"I wish the feeling of peace would last longer," he said.

I agreed. 

Then I was listening to one of my favorite speakers and author, Michael Neill, and he mentioned that most people felt any variance of unhappiness  because they thought they should. 

For example, if someone insulted you or cut you off while driving (man, I hate that) would you get angry?  Want revenge (guilty)?



If you lost someone special, do you need to feel bad in order to mourn? Or can you mourn and feel at peace, or happy?

Maybe in some way we're trained to feel unhappy.  Bad thing happens, time to feel bad.  Kinda like Pavlov's dog.  Or ever heard too much of a good thing is bad (religion anyone)?  Don't wanna feel too happy or else...what?

I don't know.  Happiness?

Then I realized that we practiced feeling not at peace that we got to be pretty goddamn good at it.

So when tools such as The Sedona Method comes along, we need to practice feeling happy, peaceful, instead of feeling unsatisfied that it didn't work.