Positive Thinking Leads to Parking Spaces

Friends of mine, a couple, had found a parking spot, citing the power of positive thinking, and posted this on Facebook. I sorta rolled my eyes. OK. I rolled my eyes. Well...not on the floor. In my head. My eye sockets to be exact.

After years of studying and listening and reading self-help texts, positive thinking is one of those misused and misunderstood things. And it doesn't always yield the results we're looking for. This is easy to see because not everything we think of, positively, will come to fruition. Just look at all of the unanswered prayers. They're unanswered not because God said No—well I don't know that for sure—but because any type of thinking doesn't always lead to that result.

How many people do you know sit around imagining being hit by a car? But it still happens. Jimmy, it's because some people fear it. True. But a lot of people fear sharks when they jump into the ocean, so why don't we have more occurrences of sharks attacks? Statiscally, there's more of a chance of getting hit by lightning than getting bit by jaws.

Dude, there's more people fearing getting hit by cars. OK. So why don't we have more planes fall out of the sky? Why don't we have more roller coasters fly off their rails? If there's any concentration of people having the same fear, it's those two places.

Braddah, doubt kills success!

Let's take my friends as an example. If they looked at the full parking lot and doubted they could find a spot and drove home, then it wasn't doubt that foiled their pursuit of parking their car. It was the act of giving up and driving home. But if they doubted they could find a spot, but continued to look, I'd bet all my money that they would have found a spot.

Yo fool, parking spots are easy to find.

Exactly my point.

So does that mean I should spend all my money on lottery tickets?

And here's the crux of it all. Not too long ago we had nearly a billion-dollar Power Ball lottery prize. Millions upon millions of people played. Someone even put up a website in the guise of needing money for medical purposes and used the donations to buy lottery tickets. And no they didn't win. If there was an instance where positive thinking would have prevailed, it would be this particular lottery because it had the biggest jackpot with the most people who played. There had to be plenty of people who got all the numbers and shared in that historic jackpot. No. There was only one big winner.

I'm not against positive thinking. But I'm not for it, meaning I wouldn't focus my mind on keeping my thoughts positive. It may hinder your success. I'll tell you why next post.