Opinions Are Like...

In my last post I wrote about catching up with a friend I hadn't really talked to for over a decade. And we talked for the whole day. Surprisingly, most of that time was talking about our passion, writing. We were trading query letters and synopsis, and he asked me about the main character of my book. Everyone in my book hates my hero.


He's sending tens of thousands of sons and daughters, fathers and mothers to a war that seems pointless.

Sound familiar?

However, there is a legitimate reason for this war, this war in my book.  But everyone doesn't see it, and they exact their negative opinions.

Isolating the main character is important to create empathy for my hero.  One of hundreds of techniques used to create an emotional bond between reader and hero. The reader has a superior view of the whole story.  The reader knows the truth behind the necessity of this particular war.  So they'll root for him.


One of my favorite shows that has ended was Jon and Kate Plus Eight.  I tell my friends that I'm an avid watcher of the show.  And I don't watch that much TV, let alone reality TV.  But I found the kids endearing, the parent's relationship real, cause it was, and was pulled into their family dynamic.

If you're a fan of the show, then you know the drama that has gone on between the parents and TLC.  TLC being the network that put on the show.

The thing that saddens me are the opinions, tabloids, and hate that had been shown to all parties.  I know one thing that's true.  Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has them.  And they smell like ass.

No one on the outside knows really what's going on between Jon and Kate, Jon and TLC, Kate and TLC, TLC and TLC.  The amount of crap that portrays itself as truth is so negative that I wonder why we are so engaged with it.  Is it because misery loves company?  Maybe.  Is it because we hate it when people gain a certain amount of fame and fortune?  Maybe.

Why can't we just let them be, let them handle their issues, and live our lives?  I mean, do people not have enough of their own problems that they have to take on others, too?