Not So Fine Whine

What is California known for? Hollywood? Star Wars? Surfers? Apple? Sunny weather? Gay capital of the world? Nope. Well. Yes. But the sunshine state has an abundance of wineries. They're everywhere. Even Francis Ford Coppola has a winery. Robin Williams owned one before selling it. Now, I'm not a drinker since I have the disease called the Asian Glow. But what I really wanna talk about are whiners.

Most of the time I go to my local Starbucks and plant myself in one of their cushy bench seats and pull out my iPad and write. So I've gotten to know most of the baristas and some of the regulars. There's one couple that often comes to get their caffeine dosage, so they can head to the gym revved up. About half the time they see me and come to have a five minute conversation. Last night the husband came in by himself, and he started to complain about the sad state of the economy, which was somehow Trump's fault. Well, argument was more like it. And I took myself a little too seriously and my temper flared up my Asian Glow.

"How can China's economy grow 70%, and ours only 1%?" he whined.

Being a writer of fantasy, I'm not hooked into the details of how the economy is doing, but after a quick search revealed that Whiner wasn't wrong. The Economist wrote the economic growth was 0.7%. Another search showed China's GDP to be around 6.5%. Not sure where Whiner heard 70%, but I didn't know all this last night.

"China is still considered a Third World country," I said. "So it's no surprise to me they're becoming more industrialized."

"So does that mean we've invented everything?" Whiner asked.

"What have you invented?"


"OK, then."

"I can't see why China can grow 70% and we can't. I voted for Trump because he said he was going to rev up the economy. When's it happening?"

And then I said some not so nice things, using words like "You're an idiot", "Don't be stupid", "Are you fucking kidding me?"

I'm not a Chump supporter...sorry...Trump supporter. Yuck. Threw up in my mouth a little. But I heard the same complaints when President Obama was in office. And I always knew one thing. If I were to depend on one man for my health, wealth, and happiness, then I was going to lose all three.

Recently I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. One of their Smart Rider Commitments is: I acknowledge that an expert rider is one who uses expert judgement to avoid having to use expert skills...

In other words, ride safely, don't do stupid ass shit and get your ass jacked up.

It's the same with health. I exercise so I can keep my body in good working order. Anybody can do this. I often tell people to at the very least walk everyday. Like make it a point and go outside and take a damn walk. People take their dogs on walks. One of my friends even takes his cat out for walks. No joke. So go outside and take your body out for a walk. A truth about the human body is if you don't use it, you'll lose it. We see this with the elderly.

Wealth is no different in that we must take responsibility for it. I know too many people who spend so much of their hard-earned money on shit they don't need. Maybe they want to keep up with the Joneses, or that they want to buy stuff so they can try and fill their bottomless holes. One of my exes used to spend about $500 a month on new clothes/shoes/purses/junk. Over a five year period, that's $30,000 on stuff, which she'll have to pay more money (bigger house) to store.

Taking responsibility of your wealth can also mean trying new things like build a small business or explore other ways of bringing in additional income. No matter how small that income may be. You're just exploring, and if you can grow it, then all the better. But no. Judging by how long Keeping Up with the Kardashians have been on (a decade), a lot of people plop themselves down after work and watch reality television. Think about that. They're watching someone else live their life who's chasing their dreams.

Watchu talkin' bout Willis?

Don't be a whiner. Whinin' about stuff ain't gonna change nuthin'. So you might as well do something new. Because if you fail, at least you did something, and you most likely learned something you didn't before. And that experience will fill that bottomless hole more than any physical thing. Hm. Except for sex.