Like Being Fat?

It's been some time since I've posted. I'm in the midst if revising my book. It's been a tedious process. Tedious in that I've had to read chapters several times in order to catch the things I'm looking for. But I'm enjoying it surprisingly enough. I'm not a patient person. Recently I went to a comedypalooza type of show where a dozen comedians put on a great performance. Over half of them are well known in Hollywood. This was an outdoor event with an estimated 20,000 people.

I noticed something. When the stats came out the United States was the most fat country in the world, I never realized how true that was. As I was sitting on the lawn enjoying the show, at least half of the people were fat. Fat enough that I could roll them down the hill and they'd have problems stopping.

Is this a mean thing to say?

Probably. Depends on your perspective.

There are fat people who are very comfortable with their weight. They feel good about themselves, love themselves, love who they are. I'm not referring to those people. I'm referring to those who complain about their weight and do nothng about it.

I have a friend who at his peak was 300 pounds. He was fat. Sported man boobs. He was unsatisfied with his body composition. He took the time to research what his diet should be, exercised almost every day, and avoided the scale. In about a year and a half he'd lost 125 pounds. Not only was that fast, but he looks muscular. When I saw him, keep in mind I was used to the fat version, my limitations on weight loss disappeared.

I went to eat dinner with a friend the other day. Ordered a grilled chicken salad. When it came it was enough to feed a small army. Part of the issue is we eat large amounts of food in each sitting over the whole day. But the real problem is not being aware of how you feel and what you do.

I can't tell you how often I see people hate on their fatness and carry around a box of Nabisco Cheese crackers. Or they'll devour candy like Armageddon is coming. And they wonder why they don't feel good and expect doctors to prescribe dozens of pills for the ailments they suffer.

It's freaking ridiculous.

Want to change? Then you gotta do it. Just like Nike says. Do It.