Lie To Me's not that steep's not that steep

As I was plunging down a steep mountainside, my mind strode off to the seven deadly sins. Now, I’m not sure what conjured that thought. I should have been concentrating on snowboarding.

What I was thinking before that was how I would never be a world-class boarder. I’m a weekend warrior. But since I don’t go every weekend, I’m not even that. I watched others who jumped what seemed like 50 feet into the air, and all I could think of was, “I don’t have the balls to do that.”

Does anyone have anti-wrinkle cream?

Does anyone have anti-wrinkle cream?

Some would say I have confidence issues. Others may growl and tell me to grow a set. Me? I’m just being honest.

One of the most notable things about Catholicism is the Seven Deadly Sins. For me, they relate so well with ego. I work on not letting my ego stand in my way, get the best of me, or cloud my judgment. But as all humans, it pushes me aside and reigns moments of my life. Many times I’m conscious of this. Other times, I’m conscious of this but take no notice.

If we study the Sins, they revert our eyes onto ourselves. Now, I’m not a religious man, nor do I believe in organized religion. In many ways, I’m against it outside of forming and helping a community.

But if we are to heed the Sins, then we are to look at our actions and ourselves. Am I boastful when there’s no need to be (pride)? Do I want to have sex with every woman (lust)? I can’t seem to give anything to anyone (greed). Etc.

So why is it when we talk about honesty and lying, do we translate that to not lying to people? Why don’t we translate that to not lying to ourselves?

One of the most irritating things men do is be secretive about their age. Just in my group of coworkers, I’ve encountered grown men who won’t reveal how old they are. Why is that? When asked, I get:

  • I don’t feel comfortable telling you my age
  • I’m older than thirty, younger than fifty
  • Why do you want to know?
  • I stopped counting candles a long time ago (Jason Statham)
You lookin' at me punk?

You lookin' at me punk?

This, of course, goes beyond age. Most people don’t really know what they want. I ask them the million-dollar question: If you were guaranteed to make a million dollars a year, what would you do?

Most say I don’t know. And that’s crazy.

I’m not sure if it’s parents, teachers, or our schooling, but somehow along the way, we’ve lost our dreams. Traded them in for practical jobs or careers that mean nothing to us and brings us no joy.

And when I coax a real answer and tell them to go for it, they tell me:

• It’s impossible. • Statistically, there's no chance of success. • It’s too hard. I don’t have the money to do it. • I don’t know how. • My dreams won’t pay my bills. • I’m too busy. • I can’t miss The Bachelor!

All of these are lies. All of them lying to themselves. To me, that is the biggest sin.