Kicking Someone's Balls Takes Little Skill

If you've read my bio, you know that I've taught martial arts for some time.  I've even had my own business of privately teaching children sexual assault prevention.  This came about when I realized that the crap we were teaching was crap.  One thing they did teach that was useful was bustin' balls.  I usually say this with a New York accent, but it's hard to mimic that in type. Bustin' balls is a great way to protect yourself in a threatening situation.  It's not life threatening, but it definitely is very effective.  A lightening quick kick to the family jewels takes very little skill.  With a little practice you too can kick balls well.

Some people think it's a chicken way of fighting.  I agree.  If you're fighting in the UFC, or doing any kind of sport fighting, then kicking someone between the legs is not nice.  Just hit him in the head real hard and try to knock him out.

The other balls that people don't really think about are the eyes.  Most people know eyeballs are very sensitive.  What most people don't know is how suseptible we are to pokes in the eyes.  Take a pissed off dude and poke him in the eyes.  He'll still be pissed off.  But he won't be able to see well.

Students have asked me what you should do after an eye poke.  I turned the question around.  They said, "Kick their ass!", or "Kick them in the balls."  All very good suggestions.  I told them to turn around and run away.

When I've taugh women, they're all squimish about poking people in the eyes.  Don't poke random people in the eyes.  Just when you're life is in danger and have the opportunity.  Unlike the nuts, poking someone in the eyes should only be used in life threatening situations.

Happy ball bustin'.