Life's Pretty Grand

Sitting in the Dining Concourse, I watch hundreds of New Yorkers stream around the seemingly unending tourists that take photos of the aptly named Grand Central Terminal. The hustle and bustle mixed with the wonder of the people is an amazing sight to take in and feel.

There's an energy of life that courses through the main terminal, as people charge toward their destinations and the homeless rummage through trash bins for their daily meals. Many sit inside to escape the blistering cold of the gray day, streets wet and cold from the massive record-breaking snowstorm that had hit the northeast.

I'm wearing three layers of clothing, which I've stripped the thick layer because Grand Central is comfortably heated. I take a moment to sit next to my new friend, I'll call him Jordan, as he rests after a hard morning's work of gathering his treasure trove, guarding over it like he conquered a great beast.

I'm one of the tourists, of course, in constant amazement at the beautiful complexity of the railways, while the sixty-eight stores that sit on top calls to its people to take a gander at their varied and valuable goods. The smells from the people that walk by me, the sweet and savory foods from the restaurants, and the metal that wafts up from the subways throws my mind in a whirlwind of thoughts. There's a couple taking their pre-wedding photos in the Vanderbilt Hall. They've been there for over an hour. An old man takes a nap on the bench in the Dining Concourse's public seating area. A woman sinks her teeth into her sandwich and chews as she explores the flavors in her mouth. 

There's a lot to take in for someone who's never been to New York City.

Even in my own little town of San Francisco, a tourist haven as well, I'm always in wonder and love with the history that little place offers. I often take breaks from work and just walk around and enjoy the beautiful locals who swerve around the many tourists who are in awe.

And I think that's what life is really about, even in your hometown. Having a sense of wonder keeps us young. Seeing the world from anew helps our minds come alive, opens us to this amazing world, and watching people as they go through their daily lives gives us perspective, that even though things may be shit, or they could be better, still, in America, things are still pretty great (barring from any immediate danger). I may not have everything that I want in life, but I do have what I need and more. I mean, I'm writing this article on a freakin' iPad. Yeah, I have a lot to complain about.