Is Your Glass Half Full?

Here's a different take on the glass being half full or empty. Several of my coworkers volunteered at a crisis center.  Their main function is a food bank.  We arrived in the early morning and watched a video about the center.  One of the staff members led two of us to the back and we packed food for distribution.  We packed cardboard boxes of food for families that ranged from one through six.  For a larger family a combination of boxes can be given.

People who arrive to collect food earn below the poverty line and have no current means of earning more.  They're also heavily affected by the economic situation.  Not that I want to use it as an excuse because I know each of us can create our own economic environment.

When I went back to work someone asked me how volunteering was.  I explained where it was, what we did, that the center provided food to those who need it.

"Isn't that sad?" she said.

I thought about it for a moment.  Is it sad?

The crisis center has provided food for those who need it for years.  When people come get food to help feed their families, they're extremely thankful.  The vibes of service that flowed through that place was very inspiring.  Inspiring enough for me to write a post.  I mean, the center feeds over five thousand families in any single month.

People are coping with their current situations.  Giving up would mean giving up on their children, their families.  Would you?

The person who thought it was sad didn't understand the good the crisis center provided.  She continued to say how lucky we were to have our jobs.  Sure.  I agree.  But her view on the crisis center indicates her view of life as half empty.  Do you?

In my story, the hero is forced to fight his opposition for good reason.  He can't give up, even though he desperately wants to. Fighting a war puts his warrior son at risk, but giving up would put hundreds of thousands of lives into severe oppression.

The worst part is that the people the hero is fighting for sees his act of war as egotistical.  They see the glass half empty because they don't fully understand the situation.  They don't know their hero is fighting for their freedom.  That is sad.