Is It Possible?

Speak in words, dammit!

Speak in words, dammit!

I ask you this:  What is possible?

Many of us were severely limited by our parents.  They were our world when we were born.  Hell, we lived in out mothers for nine freakin months! Why wouldn't we listen to them.  They teach us how the world works, what's good, what's bad, and they unconsciously plant our initial view of ourselves, our self worth.

I ask you again:  What is possible?

Can your dreams be attained?  And who's voice do you hear answering?

I was listening to Michael Neill, and he said throw out what's possible.  Because what's possible is always laced with our limitations taught to us...

Is there something up my back?

Is there something up my back?

or impaled by us.

A better question:  What do you want?

Dreaming of what we truly want can be indicated by the high energy we feel like going out with great friends, the anticipation of eating warm apple pie with a fresh scoop of vanilla ice cream, or lounging in the sun on Waikiki beach.  That high energy can be a guide to what we desire in life.

Live out your imagination, not your history--Stephen R. Covey

Every man dies. Not every man really lives--William Wallace