I Need Help Regarding Paragraph Structure

I was talking to a fellow writer who found a tid bit about paragraph structure.  The source was from a teacher of professional writing at the University of Oklahoma, Dwight V. Swain.  I have one book of his called Techniques of the Selling Writer, which is still in print.  I definitely recommend this book. The tid bit didn't come from the above mentioned book.  But Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files, definitely used this technique in the first book of the series.  It is:

A fictional paragraph ends on the fact beat, leaving the emotional note for the start of the next paragraph.

Has anyone heard or seen this?

Below is a link to an episode of a side story, just improvisational writing.  There are two versions of it.  One uses the above technique.  The other does not.   Please read the two versions and vote on which one FEELS better.  The claim is that this structure provides emotional connection to the reader.  Thanks.

Episode 1: Graywolf

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