I Dream of Genie

I commute to work, using public transportation.  It's my preference and my service to the environment.  I was thinking about my book, as I do every day, and wished I had a genie.  I imagined the smoke that came out of the oil lamp, the one from the story of Aladdin. Then I looked up at the sky. IMG_0693

Immediately, I dreamt of Jeannie.  Genie actually.  Jeannie was hot.  I remembered watching that show because her costume was the best.  I mean, how many women do you see on the street dressed up in transparent silks?

I thought about the phrase "Ask and you shall receive".  So I thought about my book.  I wished for my wish.  I did my best to make it as big as possible in that moment.  A wish that I would say, "Wow.  That is awesome."

I walked into a clearing and saw the whole sky.  This is what I saw.


I thought this was pretty cool.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.  -Peter Drucker