How Would Bond Handle Gold Digger?

I have an office wife. Where we can’t sleep with anyone at the office, while we’re at the office, but once work is done, then we’re divorced and free to sleep with whomever we want. OK. We don’t sleep with each other either, but that’s because it would be un-businesslike to do so at the office. There are no beds.

So what are the benefits of being her office husband, aside from having a sexless marriage (Aren’t all marriages sexless? Joking.)? 

We get to say inappropriate things to each other, but even better, ask for each other’s advice. My office wife is incredibly intuitive, so I tend to trust her advice, though, I don’t follow some of it. Maybe a lot of it. And it doesn’t have anything to do with her as much as a lot of her advice carries her own limitations that don’t apply to me. Fine, it is her.

For example, one of the last girls I had taken on a couple of dates blew me off, never returned my phone call. And that’s cool, but at the time I was upset, so I vented to my office wife. She suggested that I call that girl again, state that what she did was rude, and at least attempt to find out what happened. I was on the fence in regards to calling her a second time after she blew me off.

After work, I went to the gym and I received an insight: Don’t call her. There was no judgment like she’s not worth your time, though, I did feel that I should avoid her at all costs when I first met her. But I ignored myself. Surprising enough, that insight I received at the gym was calming. Panic didn’t invade my chest, bashing my mind with thoughts of giving up so easily, or she’s hot, you can’t let her go, or sex would be good with this woman, or we had a connection, don’t lose it, or she’s hot! She was hot.

So I told my office wife that I wasn’t going to call her. She then went on and on about how I need closure by talking to her, finding out what happened, telling her that was rude, and blah blah blah. But I knew calling her wouldn’t do anything for me, that no matter what that girl said the truth was we were not a match. That girl did apologize through text, but that did nothing for me. I had to find my own closure. And it came pretty quickly because I let her go.

However, my office wife never wavered from her position that I needed to call. And that comes from the fact that she can’t get closure by just letting things go. That she needs some sort of end. 

She also had some curt opinions about the girl I’m dating now. She feels that my girl is manipulative (Aren’t all women? Joking.). That my girl is looking for a paycheck. I argued that she wasn’t and was about to give specific examples where my girl’s actions spoke louder than words: She often offers to pay for dinner, she’s paid for a July 4th event that we went to, she always thanked me for taking her out. But before I could come to her defense, my office wife interrupted me, stating my girl is looking for a paycheck, that something is not right about her. Honestly, something isn’t right about all humans, but then we’re all human. She wouldn’t give me a word in edgewise (Her closure issue?).

So I kept quiet because something within me told me my office wife was wrong.

Of course, I’m human, so doubt slowly seeped into my mind. And then something happened. My girl’s rent increased, making it unaffordable for her. I offered to help with the rent, just a little bit, until she got a better job. I tried hard, telling her she didn’t have to pay me back, that that was what couples do, support each other, and spent the next hour or so trying to convince her to take my freakin’ goddamn money. She wouldn’t. Good for her.

Moral of the story, trust your own intuition. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth is peaceful. Always it comes from inside you.