How to be Ageless

One of the things I indirectly explore in my fantasy is age. I was out with some friends the other night and one of the girls harped on my age, worried I'd be the oldest. Among the group, I was the oldest. I'm thirty six. It's a freakin' number. Mentally I feel real good. Physically I feel fantastic. Spiritually, I feel present when I want to be. I'm still learning. Maturity wise, I'm in my early teens. I laugh at farts. I crack up at groin shots in movies. I tell jokes no one ever gets. Or if they do they don't want to let me know cuz it'll show how imature they are. It's part of my sensibility. One thing I don't do is think about my age. I love writing my book, working on this website, fantasizing about my stories, watch almost half of the movies that are released, including the crappy ones. I do things that I love, I eat healthy six days out of the week, exercise 4 days a week, and laugh as much as possible.

This, to me, is how to be ageless.

Stop thinking about it and delve into what you love. For age IS a number, never a state of mind or a place in your life. There are teenagers in the world who are millionaires. Who's to say they can't be because they're so young?

Don't place limits on yourself because of age.

Look at all that Bruce Lee has accomplished. He graduated from Washington University. He started a small chain of martial arts schools. Got married and had two kids. Developed a philosophy of martial arts that is still prevalent today. Did some tv acting. Through that he became a huge movie star in Asia that gave him the opportunity to star in a Hollywood movie when most industry leaders said he'd never make it as a leading man in America. He'd published several books. All this and more was accomplished by the age of 32.

Don't focus on your age. It doesn't matter. Do what you love, and love what you do. And if you allow it, everything else will fall info place.