Hard Lessons

In my years of guiding people in their lives, I've learned there are two kinds of lessons.  One learned without experience and one by experience-the hard way.  Noshee in myepisodeslearned many lessons by experience.  My whole book is about lessons learned the hard way. Which way is better?

Let's ask a question.  Does getting hit by a car feel good?  I can tell you by experience it doesn't.  But if I wanted to teach someone this, would I plow through them with my car?


For most people they don't need to be hit by a car to know it'll hurt.  I guess, I wasn't one of those.

I was talking to friends, a mother and father, who have a daughter.  She's been dating this boy who doesn't treat her well.  I can't go into detail but he's abusive.  By his behavior he's possessive, needy and manipulative.  I know this because I was once possessive, needy and manipulating.  It takes one to know one.

My friends want their daughter to rid of this boy for good reason.  They talked to their daughter on numerous occasions, but she's become codependent.  In her case, the codependence comes from a lack of self-worth, despite her confident facade.  And it's sad because my friends feel helpless to do anything.  In listening to their conversations I know the daughter has to learn this lesson the hard way.  The lesson that she deserves to be treated with much more respect, the lesson that she deserves someone who'll truly love her, the lesson that she deserves her independence.

Just as I had to learn that my behavior of possession, neediness, and manipulation wasn't healthy for the women I dated, it was unhealthy for me as a human being.

For those who think the parents should force separation, let's look at the bigger picture.

If they were succesful in permanently separating the couple, they would alleviate the immediate situation.  But will the daughter have learned the lesson of self-worth that she deserves better?  That her relationship is unhealthy?  No.  How do I know this?  Because humans repeat their behavior until lessons are learned.  And lessons are learned only if the person is ready to change.  It's obvious to me the daughter isn't ready for that.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Not only will she repeat the behavior, she may enter another relationship that is even worse.  Once she learns this lesson, she'll be able to identify future relationships that won't be good for her, no matter how good they appear on paper.

She's also an actress.  In the future, a role may be given to her.  A role in which the female character went through something similar.  And she nails the audition because she knows exactly what the character is experiencing.  And this role may catapult her career.  Where without this experience she may not get the role.

This experience can also lead to the man, her 'soul' mate.  Again, without going through the hard lesson, she may not see herself deserving someone so great and overlook him.  There are infinite possibilities.

Sometimes, lessons must be learned by experience.