Free Coffee!

Continuing on with yesterday's post ofReading People,I remembered something today that made me laugh.  Several months ago, I was working in another office.  They have those vending machines that dispences hot cocoa, coffee, tea, etc. Periodically, the vendor will come to reload the machines and allow that particular coffee machine to give out free drinks.  All you have to do is press the clear plastic button, and, bam, free coffee or cocoa.  They can even choose between a large or small cup.  Keep in mind this happens often enough that once the worker bees hear about this a line forms.

Nothing funny so far, I know.

The one constant comment about the coffee?  "Yuck!"

Do the cubicle bees throw it out?  No.

What do they do?  That's right.  They drink it.

Do they come back for more?  Yeah.

What is it about free stuff that no matter how bad it may be people will line up for it?  It's the strangest behavior.

You see this in buffets.  People prepare themselves the whole day by not eating.  Once they get to the buffet they eat their fill.  They'll continue to eat, making sure they consume the price of admission.  Then are they done, yet?  Well...there's dessert.  You can't have dinner and not have dessert.

They'll load up on ice cream, cakes, cookies.  It's as if they've never seen anything like this before and hoard all the sweets.  By the time they lug their goods back, they're too full and leave most of the dessert.  And most buffet places have a policy of no doggy bags.

Why do people do this?

What's crazier is the buffet called Todai.  They serve Asian style seafood like sushi, lobster, different filleted fish, etc.  This one Chinese lady had an empty plate.  She rapped her fingers along the bottom edge, waiting.  Saliva lined her bottom lip.  Her eyes widened.  The chef appeared from the back and placed about half a dozen halved lobsters.

This lady had no shame.  As he placed them on the serving plate, she scooped them up.  I'm not a huge fan of lobster, but, damn, scand-o-lous.

What is it with people?

It's simple.  They don't live in the moment, busy scarfing everything they can get their hands on, not enjoying life right now.  They're constantly thinking there isn't enough, living in the future, letting the present fly by.  And it's no wonder when they're on their death beds, they think, "What happened?"

The hero of my story deals with this on a constant basis.  It's the one thing that saps his soul, making his job as peace keeper miserable.  He'll have to find a way to cope.