Don't Hate

This is something the main character of my book deals with, specifically with his older brother.  And because of it, their relationship is destroyed. You know when an ant crawls up your leg? You feel its little legs scurrying on your skin. You look down and you're not freaked but you don't want it to continue to crawl up. There are some areas you don't want any bugs to wander around. So you flick it off.

Hate is like that to me.

Or one upping.

Like when you buy something that you really wanted, say a really cool cell phone. And someone comes up and says, "How's that workin' out for you?  I heard there are some serious problems with that."

That's hate. They're hatin' because you have it and they don't. Call it jealousy, but the intention of making what you have or who you are unimportant or unimpressive is the same.

And you can tell people like that have little confidence. Why? Because they wish they had what you have. To belittle makes them feel better by bringing you down to their level.

I do this sometimes.  I'll see an old man with a hot young woman.  What's the first thing that pops into my mind?  Old man with money.  Now, I shouldn't judge.  Some women love playing with wrinkly skin...everywhere.

Excuse me as I swallow my vomit.

So what happens when that single ant turns into a swarm? Death. We see this all the time in riots, genocide, jealous husbands or wives or girlfriends.

Just be. Live your life. Pay no attention to the judgement of others.