Do You Believe In Equality?

The antagonist of my book is a Hitler like figure.  He believes in a society that is formed in his own image with his own ideals, and will go to any length to attain it.  He lives with the idea that everyday people are there to serve him, therefore, are below him.  Equality is something he thinks about a lot, but only a select few deserve it. This is the reason why the hero, the protagonist, rebels against this Hitleresque figure.

Do you believe in equality?

One thing San Francisco has a lot of are homeless, panhandling along the financial district.  What an image.  What do most people do?

Ignore them.

I'm not judging.  I've ignored my share.

I was teaching my student not to compare himself to others.  He was doing that a lot, always pitting himself against others, and letting his day be affected by others' standards.  I told him that all people are equal.  No matter their actions, status in life, male, female, etc.  It's what this country was founded on.

So why do we ignore the homeless.  Are they below us, the employed, the homeful?  I mean, they sit out on the street begging for money.  Why can't they find a job?

It's funny.  Employed people aren't so different.  People kiss their boss' ass to a high degree.  Their noses are so far up they can smell what their boss' had for dinner last week.  They laugh at jokes that aren't funny, give gushing praise, work long ass hours, and are afraid to speak their minds.  No one wants to be fired.  They want to be seen as a team player, to be liked, to form rapport for job security.

But how's that different than begging?  At least the guy on the street has the balls to say what's on his mind.  When people ignore them, they'll let them know.  They'll have a conversation with themselves out loud.  And they don't care.  At least they're breathing fresh air, enjoying the outdoors.

Now, I'm not suggesting to tell off your boss when you feel like it.  But the behavioral changes I see are insane.  I've hung out with some of these people so I know.  Schizos.

So the next time you walk by a homeless person and don't feel like giving money, which is perfectly fine, smile.  They'll thank you for it.  Or say, "That ain't gonna pay for my beer!" as they hold their sign:  Why lie?  I need money for beer.