Do we need loyalty?

What do you think? Is loyalty something we need? If you ask most guys who are in a monogomous relationship, they'll say yup. Then why in both life and fiction we see cheating as an explored theme? Look at the show Desperate Housewives. What if you're commanding an army? Is loyalty needed? That would be a hell yeah! Without it the commander's army would fall into chaos.

In friendships loyalty is important. My best friend and I are both writers, and when we read each others work we're also honest. We're honest because our friendship is strong enough to withstand honesty. Because if your friendship is built on niceties, then that house of cards is easily destroyed.

I can tell a lot by reading a person's level of loyalty. Do people invite you to things for their own reasons, or do they leave you out to fend for yourself? Do people call you if they need you or just because. Seeing the differences can tell you a lot about a person's character. And when I write, I do everything that I can to infuse physical and conversational elements to communicate their level of loyalty. I think this technique can be called foreshadowing because I am foreshadowing what the character might do when put between a rock and a hard place.

Stories like Braveheart and Bridge on the River Kwai explore the theme of loyalty well.

Loyalty to yourself, your passion is the most important. For example, are you at a job where you have passion? If not, then admit it. Take the time to ask what you'd love to do if money were no object. A truth in life I see repeated over and over is when one follows their passion with great commitment, everything else like money falls in place. I've experienced that many times in my life. True success comes from living a life of passion and purpose.

So I ask you to answer this question. Do you wish for something more in life right now? If you do, then you've taken the first step to change your life. The realization you want more. Find what it is, dream big, and take the next step to do it.

Want to be a bestselling author? Then you must first write a book. Want to be a great actor? Learn how to act, then go out and act. You must start somewhere. Inaction is a sure way to failure.