Dead Cow Skin

What's in a name? that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.

I lost my wallet. I looked high and low, left and right, inside and out, this dimension and the other ten (OK. Not really. Just the three). And my wallet that I've had for over twelve years vanished.

Sad face.

So I tried living without one, but after replacing all of my credit cards, keeping them with my backpack was a hassle because I'd use one at a store, keep it in my pocket, and forget to put it back. Eventually, I'd have different credit cards in different shorts and pants, which wasn't very convenient.

Then I remembered that I'd always wanted to try Dynomighty wallets. They're made out of Dupont's Tyvec fabric. Think of USPS envelopes made of that fabricky material that's really hard to rip. I know. Not a word.

On the faces of the wallets are hundreds of different designs that you can choose from that portray art from pop culture to independent artists.

The first super hero that I remember from my early childhood is Superman. I've always loved the 'S' symbol, which influenced my characters in my book in that they all have family emblems. Sort of like family crests.

I hit up Amazon. Couple'o'clicks later. A few days passed. Bam!

Happy face.

I showed my girlfriend.

"That's not a wallet for a grown man."

WTF face.

First of all, I ain't dat tall. Second, wut be a grown man wallet? Should I call it a billfold? A fortune keeper? Currency carrier? Does it need to be made of a dead animal's hide? Does it need to be made by a man named Kenneth Cole? And if this is a not grown man wallet, does that make me less grown? I don't wanna be shorter than I am now.

This wallet does the same thing as an expensive wallet.

Features of a Dynomighty wallet:

Holds money, credit cards and anything that is flat that can fit inside.

Features of a well made, very expensive, cow skin wallet:

Holds money, credit cards and anything that is flat that can fit inside.

Point is, in life, just be. If you wanna sport a Superman Dynomighty wallet, then do it. If you like dead cow skin, then use it. People will always judge you. And you have no control over that. So be it. Live your life. Pursue your dreams even in the face of opposition.