Crazy Sexy Cancer

Today I saw a documentary of a woman who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.  In her quest to find a cure, she has become a leader in the field of health and eco eating.  She's not only lived with this cancer, but has found a healthy way of keeping this cancer to the level of benignancy.  Pretty amazing. Kris CarrLink

One of the things about the documentary was the number of cancer patients who fought for life and found a renewed appreciation for life.  This led me to the question:  What would I do if I had a limited number of days to live?

In human reality, I do have a limited number of days to live.  I may live to be 100.  I may live for one more day.  I can't be concerned with which.  I can only focus on what I want to do NOW.  And it's the reason why I'vesearched for my passion. Once I've found it, I jumped in head on.

What would you do, since you also have a limited number of days to live?