Branding...The Stuff that Makes Cows Go Moo

Can you imagine taking a red hot metal 7 and sticking it on your supple skin for a few seconds, so that  can be displayed till the day you die?  Much like tattoos. I love tattoos and have a couple.  Anyone have them?  It took me five years to decide on my first one.  My friend and I stayed up all night designing it on the computer.  The next day we were going to go to a car show.  But before we'd arrived, I went to a tattoo shop, slapped the print out down, pointed to my arm, and said, "I want this here."

The tattoo artist looked at the picture we spent hours on and simply said, "That's not going to work."


My hopes for a tattoo flushed down the toilet.  He asked me what I wanted.

"Just an armband, but I want it to frame two Chinese characters for Inner Strength." It's part of the tattoo culture in my book, where family emblems are framed by the arm band. The idea was spawned by Superman.

"Hmmm."  The guy straightened his glasses, tightened his headband, took a pen and quickly sketched on the back of my print out.  It took him like ten seconds.  "I think this is what you're looking for."

"Yeah!"  And damn.  That was quick.  That was about ten years ago.  And I still love it.  Inner strength. Not surprisingly, it's a theme that the 7th Province explores.

Below, you'll see an an audio to a woman who did a lecture on branding.  Talk about inner strength.  This woman exuded serious determination, passion and confidence.  Her name is Philippa Burgess.  Check her out at

I've broken up the 42 minute audio into three parts. Feel free to download them. She was part of the San Francisco Writer's Conference.