Are You On The Level?

It's a little weird to have a grandniece: my niece has a daughter. Now, I have a grandnephew: my niece has given birth to a baby boy. Does this make me feel old? Hahahaa. A little. Only when I think about the norm that the uncle has kids before his niece does, except my niece and I are close in age.

She told me that one of her friends brags about how well she raises her daughter and doesn't use things like TV and iDevices. That had made my niece feel bad about the way she raises her kids. I advised that any bad feelings my niece had is really her holding onto those thoughts that causes those bad feelings. Let those thoughts go by not putting any value on them, like watching bubbles float away down a river. Don't be a puppet to your own thoughts.

Ultimately, though, her friend is insecure. If she was confident, then she wouldn't need to brag then devalue my niece in any way. We see this a lot when we think someone is out of someone else's league in regards to dating.

On Saturday, I went to dinner with a few friends and an acquaintance had joined who I've called Mr. SUV. You see, Mr. SUV had this girlfriend who didn't want to spend anytime with him, then stated he'd drive a hybrid except it didn't attract the ladies, which he wouldn't need to do if he already had this so called girlfriend. Right? Yeah...I don't know.

Anyway, I surmise that he doesn't like me. Why? He was praising his smart watch, which prompted me to ask him what he thought about Apple's smart watch. He threw air quotes and said, "Oh, the Apple Watch?"

My Preciousss...

I asked him what the air quotes meant. Apparently, the rumor mill had been calling the Watch the iWatch for a very long time, and even Tim Cook was caught on camera using that name. But Mr. SUV complained that they're now calling it the Watch. I guess companies can't change their minds or have code names for their products, despite the fact that Apple had never confirmed they were making an Watch before announcing it. I stated that Apple is doing this to avoid litigation issues with the naming convention of i(Device)s. Mr. SUV rolled his eyes. 

All righty then...

That same night, a friend of mine asked me about the new iPhone 6's. I told her that I loved the feel of the rounded glass screen. Mr. SUV then touched his phone's screen and mocked, "Ooh. The screen feels so good. Oooh." He was on the verge of having a Meg Ryan moment from When Harry Met Sally.

I felt miffed, but reconfirmed that I did love the feel of that screen. I don't know what it is. But maybe Jony Ive should design sex toys. I left Mr. SUV alone because he was trying to impress my friend, which she wasn't, and he didn't need any help from me failing at that, even though I wanted to do this:

I bring up Mr. SUV because he's the kind of guy who always praises himself and devalues others because he's insecure. And because I'm a writer, I'm always trying to tune myself more and more to what people are saying underneath their words.

Someone who is confident doesn't even need to elevate themselves because they know that other peoples' opinions have no effect on who they are. And vice versa. Confident people know they have no control over other peoples' opinions, so why put the effort in trying to change it?

And only insecure people would write about someone they don't like and call him Mr. SUV on their website. Wait. What? I mean, confident people wouldn't even post a Mr. SUV article on their website. Whoa. Hold on. Insecure people and confident people are people too. Sigh. I give up.