Are You a Complainer?

Working in the corporate world lends my ears to a lot of complaining.  Currently we're getting a lot of rain.

But for the past few years we weren't receiving the needed amount of rain and headed toward a drought.  So I'm thankful for this storm.  But all I hear throughout the office is how terrible this weather is.  How awful it is out there.  How inconvenient the rain is.

So would they rather have this?

Because people were complaining how we didn't get a lot of rain.  Either way, complainers can't seem to be satisfied with anything.

Here's a good one.  A lot of companies are going through layoffs.  Mine was no different.  But some of my coworkers complained how busy we were.  We were so busy that overtime was authorized.  I don't know about them, but busy should equal job security.  I'm not a proponent of guarantees, but in a time when unemployment is higher than normal, you'd think they'd be glad it was busy.

I'm not saying I don't complain.  I tend to do it in my head.  And once I'm done, I feel tight, angry, and depressed.  So I've become aware of it and do what I can to quiet my mind.  Sometimes, though, I whine like a baby.  In those cases, I either write a post, surf the web, workout, take a drive, listen to music, watch a good get the idea.

But a habitual conscious effort will replace a lot of complaining.  Because the best way to replace a habit is with another one.  Just don't replace it with another bad one.  I've seen this before.  When people know their complaining doesn't do anything, they take on addictive habits.  Like watching reality TV.  Sit at bars staring at the ladies and giving them the hibbie jibbies.  Or eat crap food.

Find what gives you joy.  True joy.  And do it.  You never know where it'll lead.