Aliens Helped Write My Book

In my last post, I wrote about the existence of ancient aliens. And the show of the same name from the History Channel has sparked many believers and careers, such as the wild-haired man, and gave new life to Chariots of the Gods, written by Erich Von Daniken.

Initially, I was taken like a fool, buying the snake oil at a carnival. I was like, holy shit! Aliens had built the pyramids in Eqypt, the Great Wall of China, and written the Bible.

But then I found out many of the claims Ancient Aliens had made were false.

But it gave me a great writing exercise and helped create one of the provinces that exists in my book. I had pretty clear ideas of what some of the provinces looked like. There are seven, hence this site's name. But for some reason, one of them had eluded me because I didn't need to know what it looked like until I wrote my second book. And this was about the same time that I began to ponder about ancient aliens. So I thought, what if the world I created were visited by an advanced technological civilization? How would my world, or specifically, that province look?

And BAM, a vision popped into my mind.

I can't reveal the details, yet. But the next question was, how did the people build it if aliens weren't involved. My answer was, I have no fucking idea. And I don't really need to know.

Do the writers of any space odyssey really know how spaceships can travel light-years in mere moments?

No. Because if the physicists of today don't know yet, and aren't even close to having a working theory, then there's no way simpletons like us writers will know. That's not our job, unless the story requires it, in which case we'll make something up. Dilithium crystals anyone?

But this type of thinking allowed me to think outside the box and create a province that is different than any of the provinces that I've already created. So putting my mind in a frame where anything is possible opened my imagination.

Try it out as an exercise. What would your world or city or town look like, feel like, or how would it operate if an advanced technological species built it? Obviously, society would be shaped by this world. Would societal class matter anymore? How would natural resources be affected? And as a challenge, could you come up with how things worked, like space travel, weaponry, mind control, body control, creation of life, etc?