a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven

Here's what I hate about organized religions. Before I go into it, I know very little about them. However, the top three cults in the world—Catholicism, Christianity, Muslim—require that humans convert somehow, be saved essentially, so the path to Heaven will be open. For those few who do not convert will end up in Hell in the afterlife. Bear in mind that the only proof of a Heaven or Hell comes from fiction, such as the Bible, and from several people who have had near-death experiences, stating various things like a white light, warmth, a presence, etc.

I've had wet dreams, nightmares where ghastly things chase me, all feeling very real and wet, but that does not mean any of it was real. Except in my mind. And the wetness.

I like science's approach of being able to quantify or measure something. So taking someone's word on what they remember feeling during a state of unconsciousness isn't the most reliable. And if you know anything about how delicate memory can be, even in healthy adults, then you can understand my trepidation on relying on unconscious people.

Well, Jimmy, can you measure love?

Well, some voice in my head, check this out.

I had attended my nephew's wedding in a church a couple weekends ago. The reverend who performed the what-felt-like-hella-long ceremony basically said this, God loves us all. If that were true, then why does any human have to convert in order to be saved? Why segregate? That makes no sense to me, unless this was a construct of man, which would make perfect sense. Humans are very tribal.

In my life I'm open to new ideas, friendships, even things that rock my boat of normality. I used to have a friend who was angry and sad. She hated the world. She hated me. But I'm a listener. So she found it easy to talk to me and be open. I tried not to judge her, but she had voted for Trump. That's not a big issue, except that she believed in everything that he had said. Still does. She won't listen to both sides of the story. However, I accepted her because she was human, tried to help her out of her sadness, but she had a difficult time letting go. I get that's hard. But if you can't let go of your past, then it haunts you.

One of my close friends told me that a friend of hers didn't like spending time with me. Her friend specifically asked that I not get invited to a get-together.

What the hell? Had I done something to offend her and offend her family? Knowing me, probably.

I never asked why I was disliked. I just don't care. Because once she segregated me, then a friendship between us would be fake. Kinda like small talk. No. Exactly like small talk. We'd do the How are you?, and the That's good to hear, and the Weather's getting warmer, and the Yeah, the sun has been out. Hence, warmer weather.

But the real truth is this: her friend's issue with me is not about me.

And that's hard for people to truly understand.

I had been on a Criminal Minds kick. Thank you Netflix. Procedural dramas work well because the discovery of a serial killer, in the case of this show, usually kicks the hour off. Then we watch the BAU (Behavioral Analytics Unit) do their thang.

What the BAU focuses on is really interesting. Yes, the crimes, the murders. But they profile the killer to try and get a sense of who he is. By doing that, they understand where the hunting ground may be, who the potential targets are, and even possible timelines between killings. And I've yet to see a case where the killer wants to kill because that's his thang. His need to kill comes from issues within him. Whether his father molested him. Or he was ridiculed in school. Or he had been abandoned as a child and the foster care system warped him in some way.

It's never about the victims. Sure they fulfill some crazy fantasy, but if that fantasy was never there, meaning they'd let go of their past, then there'd be no victims.

So when I challenge religious folk and tell them that there are no Heaven nor Hell, they get pissed off. Because they've built this huge reality, living with the sole purpose of catapulting their soul into Heaven. Maybe they don't realize it yet, but Earth could be the Heaven they're searching so hard for. Or it could be their Hell.

"The mind is a universe and can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

― John Milton